Governments and their instruments are instituted by people for the benefit of the populace, that benefit best being: To aid in protecting a man or woman’s unalienable rights to freedom, liberty, life, pursuit of happiness, and property. There seems to be a common misconception among the People who may consider themselves to be Americans, that the Constitutions “give rights.” The Constitutions do not give anyone any rights. The Constitutions collate key unalienable rights that mankind has inherently, for the purpose of shackling the inevitable malfeasance of government Actors. In addition, the Constitutions were designed to halt The People from hastily handing over more powers to the “government” by way of ignorance, greed or through being deceived.

Ignorance: My People perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6. The Public (government) indoctrination…sorry, education system produces ignorance and a hatred of learning on an industrialized scale through assembly line process with the self-evident intention of manufacturing obedient Citizens. From the time a child is slotted into the elementary concentration-camp, they are brainwashed and programmed to obey a perceived authority figure, Teachers, Principals, Resource Officers, it starts early. When a child does not readily conform to the mold, the general method of operation is to grind down their Star until it fits into the round-hole pre-planned for them by the “powers that be.” This is the homogenization of mankind as physical or intellectual labor. Although, now, we see “self expression” and “Uniqueness” spilling over to another Psi-Op (distraction) extreme in an attempt to slap fresh paint on a rusted frame by virtue signaling with fraudulent claims that detract from the beautiful reality that You actually are, while undermining mental and cultural stability for the sake of alleged progress. Progress towards what? Demoralization, destabilization and takeover. “We don’t need mothers and father’s, we just need Dear State to nurture the young.” These batches of Citizens are then fed into the meat-grinder commonly called the “rat-race” to provide sweat-equity (lifeforce) to feed the vampiric global system, and so generously allowed by their Lords and Masters to generate new crops of creditors for the System to feed on. To keep the Indoctrinated in the false reality overlay, ignorance of the populace is a necessary institution by the Global System.

Questions for Zoomers: Name the seven Continents, who was the first President of The United States of America, Which Nation was America fighting during the Revolutionary War, how much dirt is in a hole 6 by 6 by 8?

Greed: Government may be thought of as the fiction through which some seek to live at the expense of others. The Government is a legal-fiction that only exists in the minds of those that believe it exists. The Institution commonly called government cannot give what it has not taken from people. It cannot create, only consume. This is why the only good and just reason for any government to exist is merely to aid in securing the unalienable rights of mankind. Do you want to be ruled by other people? Do you even like the idea of or trust your relatives, or your neighbors the “Jones” next door, to manage your life? Then why do you so readily put faith in Politicians? A government is a dead entity, merely a legal fiction animated by men and women. Men and women do not magically attain some greater cosmic comprehension of how to run your life, just because they descend down with the title of “Senator” or “Congressman.” If con is the opposite of pro, congress may be the opposite of progress. When one cannot succeed in the private sector, it is a rule of thumb that many go into government work. To presume qualifications on the part of government actors is part of the reasons why the U.S is the absolute…mess, I’ll say mess, that it is. Government in its current form, takes from You by way of deception backed up by the threat of kidnapping, imprisonment and violence, launders the funds or assets, losing most of it along the way do to the inherent nature of bureaucracy and/or corruption, then may distribute a portion of what was stolen back to you as perceived “benefits.” But wait, there is the hidden tax: Inflation, a decrease in purchasing power due to the expansion of the currency supply relative to the availability of goods and services in an economy. Essentially, one is financially figuratively attacked from the front and flanked from behind. When you receive a benefit from government, you are taking from something productive, directly or indirectly.

Ponder: Is the reason you think you need government benefits perhaps the fault of government created problems in the first place?

Etymology is at times a better way to find the true meaning of words above and beyond dictionary definitions, which can be edited and changed by organizations in order to hide facts and keep secrets. For “English” one may find enlightenment in researching the Germanic, Latin or Greek roots of a word. The word Government is more recently drawn from a basis in the French language, but rooted in the Latin, see words like “Gubernare.” (As all the Romance languages are based on Latin) Government holds the meaning of: to direct, control, lead, or rule, administer. Govern, to steer, direct, guide, and ment/mentis, Govern-mentis, which could be read as “guide the mind.” Although, “government” could also be read, “steering with intelligence.” Frankly, I see no evidence of this steering with intelligence on the part of government, but I observe plenty of mind control, by their fruits shall ye know them.

Deception: Tin-foil hat time: there has been a plan at work for centuries to create a scam so incomprehensibly complicated and contradictory in its spider-web structure of evil-genius and self-destructive stupidity, that many will not believe it even though it sits in the open and in front of them daily. A Matrix could be said to be real and present for billions, although this is more of the false-reality-overlay (FRO) program then a computer simulation powered by a silly premise. Or, fear could keep many from wanting to know about it or see it, preferring Lemming-like bliss to a harsh reality that may require personal change or a disruption in the familiar to act in pursuing a fix. You have been lied to your entire life, knowingly or unknowingly, by your mother and father, your teachers, professors, lawyers, bosses, HR, CPAs, Police, all of whom are wrapped up in the FRO. They either game the system and benefit from it, to varying degrees, or are themselves ignorant to the reality of the FRO. An Administrative Judge knows more and gleans more benefit from the FRO then a beat-cop, for example. But the Cop still collects his little voucher through the System that he thinks is pay, but is not a paycheck.

Who watches the Watchers: We the People, meaning men and women in community, the populace, mankind, are meant to keep the malfeasance and nonfeasance of bureaucrats and politicians in check. They are not the masters, except over their own little colorable-law jurisdictions and by the consent of those who may choose to be governed. And it is time that We start doing this watching on a massive scale. I plan to discuss more about the cesspit of absolute corruption we are facing in the future, and all hands are needed on deck to steer this ship back in an intelligent direction. It may be prudent to begin learning about American Common Law and American Grand Jury/International Grand Jury process.

 I have compiled this list of what may be considered to be easy and quick reads on the matter of living in the private, protecting oneself from the de facto system, and just general guidebooks to enhance the knowledge and potentially the comprehension of men and women who do read them. I must make this clear: Not everything in these books is 100% up to date, and individually, they may be missing pieces of the greater whole. This list is meant to help everyone gain a better comprehension of “the system” and what we can do to protect ourselves, stay out of their courts, avoid being subject to extortion, why things are the way they may seem to be, and how to stand up our own Court system lawfully by the authority of We the People.

 1. Common Law Hand Book for The Grand Jury. 2020 by John Darish.

 2. Common Law Handbook for Jurors, Sheriffs, Bailiffs and Justices.

 3. Common Law Community Training Manual: Establishing the Reign of Natural Liberty, The Common Law and it’s Courts. Issued by the International Tribunal into crimes of Church and State.

 4. The UCC Connection, How to free yourself from legal Tyranny.

 5. Meet your STRAWMAN and whatever you want to know.

 Just these five small booklets alone are enough to serve as a powerful foundation of your freedom and liberty, in my opinion. For whatever that is worth. It should be noted, at the time of writing this, these booklets may be available in audio-book format on YouTube or some other such streaming platform. These booklets give simple and clear information. These are a start on the journey of self-governance and how to set-up our Courts.

 -Without Prejudice, no recourse, T. Jas. J, AKA: The Mad Mainer


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