Key questions for BAR members and LEOs

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Activism, Civil Rights, Education, Keep Maine Free, Legal, Maine, World Legal Action

Today I wanted to put forth key questions, to Lawyers and Attorneys, and to Law Enforcement Officers. Well, to be more accurate, to the men and women who at times may act as BAR members and Officers. A Lawyer is a persona, a mask, a person, that must be animated by a man or woman choosing to act as such. I can’t ask a Lawyer or Police Officer, which are personas, anything, but I can ask a man or woman a question.

Question one, for members of the BAR: Do you consider yourself a good mother, or father, or a good being in general? If so, have you ever instructed your children, partner or members of your family/clan/house to write “All Rights Reserved,” or, “Without Prejudice” on any document’s signature line, on any paperwork they may choose to sign? For example, if one applies for a Driver’s License, you sign a document. Did you, an acting BAR associate, a BAR card holder, instruct your children to reserve their rights before signing? One could even add “TDC,” which means that under “threat, duress, and coercion” you have signed the document. If the answer to this question is no, I have not instructed anyone to sign this way, why is it no?

To the relatives of any members of the BAR, have you ever been told to reserve your rights on any document you sign? If not, why not? I’m sorry to say, it may be that your own mother, father, brother, sister or some such, sold you down the river. To men and women who may act as mother’s and father’s and are BAR members, why would you choose to be derelict in a critical duty, protecting your children?

Question two, for LEOs: Do you consider yourself a “good cop?” If so, I pose this question to you, if you witnessed or otherwise had first-hand knowledge of a fellow officer committing a crime, would you arrest them? You witness a fellow officer illegally detain, search, and assault-batter a man or woman. What do you do? You witness a fellow officer steal cash from a car or a man or woman’s pocket. What do you do? If the answer is anything other then what you know is right, you cannot in good faith lay claim to the title of “good cop.” Good cops do not allow the crimes of other officers a free pass. The term may be, aiding and abetting. Why should the Citizenry trust “you?”

There is a massive divide between U.S. Law Enforcement and the Citizenry that marketing would have you believe they exist to serve. The issue is partially engineered, a topic I plan to discuss later.

-Without Prejudice: T. Jas. J AKA: The Mad Mainer


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