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 Maine’s New Alternative Source For News

The Maine Anchor is a new platform of investigative journalism based in Maine, USA.

It is run largely by a group of volunteers whose main goal is to truthfully report on key issues which impact each and every one of our fellow Americans. Our immediate concerns are mask safety, experimental genetic technology, medical freedom, Maine energy and environmental topics and much more.

Who are We? The Maine Anchor is non – partisan as a whole, and our contributors identify as Democrat, Republican, Green Party, and Independent. (Our Libertarian contributors neither confirm nor deny any political affiliation, and will shoot you if you ask.) Among the ranks of our newspaper and growing community are nurses, doctors, lawyers, citizens, nationals, granola people, radical liberals (as well as the regular kind), gun nuts, farmers, holistic practitioners, and people of many trades and walks of life.

The binding tie is that we all love and appreciate our country and communities. We may often disagree on many matters, but these days all of us are completely on the same page in regard to issues which none of us can avoid the impact of. The issues that we all share the brunt of, well, we must discuss them openly and with transparency no matter how sensitive the topic. We do not sugar coat.

Journalism is a community service, and our group was born out of heartfelt service towards community. Throughout the coming publications by our team, we want to invite our readers to take a step back from all the noise in order to try to make some sense of all of this unfolding chaos.

We want to bring you the most important news first. In other words, the absolute most relevant information which matters to us all, right now. While we may use some satire and humor to get our stories and viewpoints across, much of what we discuss is of grave concern. Reporting stories on these subjects is not easy.

If your right to know and to speak the Truth is important to you, then it is critical for you to know that corporate interests have bought every major media outlet in America, including much of what you search on the internet. Small, independently owned newspapers like this one are becoming the new life-blood of America, and each of us who still honor Truth have a responsibility to nourish and nurture Truth by supporting the only remaining outlets that we have – this newspaper and others like it! Otherwise, the Light of Truth, and The Maine Anchor, will continue to be incrementally snuffed out forever and our inherent freedoms will be lost in the wreckage.

If you find this and other articles presented here, written for the sole/soul purpose of keeping We the People informed, and therefore empowered, then please contribute or donate in any way you can to the continuity of The Maine Anchor, the voice of Truth and Freedom. More importantly, donate to ensure that our children, grandchildren and their descendants, will enjoy their lives, founded in Truth and Freedom, in perpetuity! As we unite in support of the Maine Anchor, may we all be anchored in the Truth!


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America’s Broken Health Care: Diagnosis and Prescription

America’s Broken Health Care: Diagnosis and Prescription

The following is adapted from a talk delivered at Hillsdale College on March 5, 2023, during a Center for Constructive Alternatives conference on “Big Pharma.” I developed a serious cardiac arrhythmia, ventricular tachycardia, seven years ago. It worsened over the past summer and early fall, and over the past six weeks I’ve had several ambulance

Today I Saw a Miracle

From Reagan Paul Today I saw a miracle. I saw Psalms 27:13 before my very eyes.... “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Today I witnessed an attempted suicide. Let me tell you the story. I went down to Portland this morning to be on a radio...

The Maine Way Forward – Part 6: Conclusion

By Bubo Virginianus As I write this, it’s the day after Christmas, December 26, in the year of our Lord, 2022. Christmas. The time of year when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. At this time, I’ll briefly go over each of the previous 5...

The Twitter Files Reveal an Existential Threat

The Twitter Files Reveal an Existential Threat

The following is adapted from a talk delivered at Hillsdale College on February 7, 2023. Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter last October and the subsequent reporting on the Twitter Files by journalists Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, and a handful of others beginning in early December is one of the most important news stories of our

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by Guy Lebida Are you angry about the high cost of electricity? Well, so am I.      There are several reasons for the extreme escalation of energy prices here in Maine. Currently, most of our electricity is produced from natural gas and oil,...

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