Stop being a Sandbag and Stand: A letter to the People II

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The Mainer’s Papers Summary. Date: July 27th 2023 A.D

 The Mainer’s Papers are a collection of seven documents that serve as the basis in a theory of action for the foundation of The Maine Republic. The first paper, being commonly called the Declaration, is ratified and set. This article is meant to make clear the purpose and intention of the seven papers, six of which are still being worked on. A sub series of Declarations on a County level is encouraged, and currently in a prototype phase. It may be expected that each of the 16 Counties on Maine will ratify their own Declarations in the manner of the initial, umbrella Declaration that was ratified on July 2nd 2023 A.D.

 The applied benefit of the theory of action outlined in these documents is intended to facilitate as smooth of a transition as possible from a dying, wicked and irredeemable system and usher in a new golden-age for Maine state. Each of these founding documents carries a piece of the puzzle. While these documents are still being prepared and polished, with the most complicated document being the Banking paper, I/we hoped to have them ready before the end of June, 2023 A.D.

Summary of Purpose:

  1.  The Declaration of the People on Maine standing up: We declare, we do not ask. We are declaring a fact, in like manner to the Declaration of Independence. Without a declaration of fact or intent, and an explanation of why we are declaring these things, there is no point or purpose to the other six documents. It is a fact that on July 2nd, 2023 A.D, an assembly of people ratified the initial Declaration, the genuine of which, the wet-ink endorsed, are being kept safe. Copies of which are generally expected to be distributed shortly.
  2. The Maine state Constitution 2023: While the 1819-1820 State of Maine Constitution is one of the best written in the entire former Union, it has what may be considered flaws to its self-evident intent. The notable issues are a lack of internal definitions and clarity, particularly of importance in Article 1. The Constitution is meant to shackle the inevitable malfeasance of government Actors in a government We the People may choose. The 1820 Maine Constitution, as of the writing of this document, is the paramount contract, ratified by people, that binds any “Maine” entity acting as government or providing government services, period. We hope to ratify an updated 2023 A.D version of this aforementioned paramount contract soon.
  3. Maine Lawful money Declaration: The debt and death system is not only on fire, but is evil in nature and its non-substance. We the People cannot have prosperity under this immoral monetary system. We cannot set up a lawful bank that deals in substance without having a comprehension of money, and a declaration of what lawful money is. The system cannot be salvaged, it was built on iniquity. We cannot be free until we grow up and take action to break away from “the system.” This Declaration makes it clear what money is.
  4. Declaration for the formation of The People’s Bank of the Maine Republic: Once we have a comprehension of what money is and how we have been deceived and defrauded for decades by the de-facto commercial system, We may establish the Maine Republic Bank, this being a non-usury, non-profit bank built on substance and structured differently then standard commercial banks. This bank will have no shackles to the private central banking system.
  5. Conditional offer of amnesty to the de-facto and to the men and women of the BAR: We need to extend mercy, or even grace, to these men and women, serving due notice of their wrong and trespass against The People. This is an offer in the form of a peace treaty to help us move forward. War is unnecessary and futile, it would be an internecine struggle to no purpose other than to enforce the slavery of Mainers and the eventual death of all, including of the useful idiots who work with the deep-state. There are about 2120-2569 corporate “Law enforcement” officers operating on Maine. If we only count year-rounders on Maine, those who domicile here, that means the security mercenaries are outnumbered hundreds to one. Why, precisely, should we, the people who are the de jure authority, be afraid? And keep in mind there is a high probability that a portion of those Officers will defect or quit, or, that are bullies, tyrants and cowards who would flee from real men and women standing up for liberty and their rights.
  6. Asservation of surety to provide remedy and to settle all accounting: The only true goal of the de facto court system is to generate revenue in the form of credit to prop-up the inherent bankruptcy of the U.S government corporation and its franchises, and to generate revenue from people for foreign corporate interests. This is a credit instrument backed by lawful money of substance intended to settle the accounting, to balance the books, and to keep the credit flowing where necessary to avoid harm to The People as we transition. This instrument is to be used hand in hand with the Amnesty offer and the subsequent Maine State Trust set up through this system we are building. The Maine State Trust is a common law trust that shall hold all “public” Maine assets currently managed by the de facto corporate government service providers operating under or for the umbrella STATE OF MAINE. The purpose of The Maine State Trust is to allow for the management of resources unlawfully appropriated by the de facto to be catalogued, managed and utilized for the general good on Maine.
  7. The People’s Claim: The People have been extorted as debt slaves when they are in fact, the creditor and alleged beneficiary of “the system.” We are owed a debt that the de facto cannot repay. The “government” has nothing it has not stolen by deceit or threat of violence. The men and women who serve as officers and employees of the de facto are guilty of the following, including but not limited to: harm to people by way of fraud, misrepresentation, extortion, theft, deception, official oppression, impersonating public officials, facilitating illegal action, breach of contract, violation of oaths, murder under color of law, kidnapping people under color of law, deprivation of rights under color of law, aiding and abetting criminality, officious intermeddling, and treason. A complete and more detailed, extensive compilation of the crimes of the men and women who act as employees and officers or associates of the STATE OF MAINE “government” and contractors, the BAR, the medical industry and the financial system can be compiled. Why Mainers are not up in arms more than they already are is a miracle. This document is meant to help facilitate the walk of The People into freedom, to pursue happiness.

Theory of Action:

 Do something with what you learn. We can have a better tomorrow. There is no comprehensible reason that 10,000 angry Mainers should not be speaking at the Capitol building in Augusta right now. Maine is being occupied by traitors, criminals, and domestic terrorists pretending to be a government for the people. Help us stand and implement our de jure Republic, lawfully, by the People, for the People. We do not have a government right now, we have the legal industry (often BAR associates are contractors operating in the judiciary) puppeteering the legislative, executive, medical and financial system. Stop being a fence-sitter. Some who refuse to act could be called sandbags. A sandbag is an item used to (1) absorb bullets (2) guide water away from areas during floods. The only use the sandbag may have is passive protection of others by way of interference. If everyone keeps moping and doing nothing because “I’m just one guy” then we will all continue to wander in the wilderness. Or, the sandbags will be left behind and those of us who face the giants will be rewarded. We need people to stand up and start distributing knowledge. We need more people to get on board with action. We need more people to take what they learn and educate others. Use public forums, town meetings, corkboards, telephone poles, easements, newspapers, the sides of trucks, or hire a plane to fly a banner. Serve notice to Mayors, Sheriff’s and Troopers, to Police and Court clerks that the game is up, we know what is going on, and know more everyday. It is over. They have lost already. But We need to do it, we must stand and act as the lawful de jure authority and the peacekeepers on Maine. We need the numbers people, we need a 100 people to show up and cease and desist an illegal foreclosure. We need 1000 people to walk into the building our credit tendered payment for and speak out against the lunatic legislators, administrators and bureaucrats. We need 500 people to go notice the Sheriff to STOP aiding and abetting crimes and treason and to understand THE paramount contract, the Constitution. Stand up, wake the hell up, find your giblets, take action. Or, at least be a sandbag and take a bullet for the rest of us and don’t get in the way.

 I will be following up with a more detailed Theory of Action shortly, a set of guidelines about how we separate ourselves from the de facto.

-Without Prejudice, T. Jas. J. AKA: The Mad Mainer.


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  1. leonbard

    Maine has a two branch government, if you go here: and look at the organizational chart for Maine government ,you will see that the citizens are above the governor and the legislature, but the judiciary department falls under the governor/executive branch. This is why the governor gets to appoint the judges. When you have members of the BAR in all branches of government, there is no such thing as separation of powers. The Original Thirteenth Amendment was voted in, in 1810 and we have the proof that it was ratified in 1812, was never repealed, and is still in effect today. This amendment is also known as the TONA or Title of Nobility Amendment.
    Amendment XIII
    “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”
    It’s not hard to figure out that a citizen that swears an oath to the BAR (British Accredited Registry) is incapable of holding public office in this country. We know at the present that congress and the state legislatures are infested with members of the BAR. But how long have they been allowed to participate in these public offices? All the way back to 1812? If so does that mean that all of the statutes and so called laws passed since 1812 are void?


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