What can we do? A Theory of Action:

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Maine stands up. Date: May 30th 2023 A.D

 Preamble: The entire world is sitting at a fork in the road. To the left, We the People can keep going in the manner we have been for the last century and a half. This current of the lazy river merely involves doing what we may have been doing: Bending over and keeping our heads down, hoping the abusers won’t hit us as hard if we just comply, or that we can cast “votes” to consent to being governed inside the system that is self-evidently out to serve and sustain itself. Then we get to keep whining and moaning and murmuring about “how unjust everything is, and how your neighbor annoys you, and how this politician disgusts you, that taxes are to high, that this fee is excessive, and they shut-down my business, and that Cop violated my rights for the sake of his psychopathic ego.” And then, after venting, you go back to what you believe to be your “normal life.” What is this life you think is normal? Many of us have been indoctrinated, since we were young, programmed really, to adhere to the rules and regulations of the establishment. How many things do you do everyday simply because that is what your parents showed you to do it that way?

Have you accepted normal as:

  •  Being a tax slave for every single tax, fee and license passed by the governance you prayed…sorry, voted for? Paying taxes for services you don’t use and did not ask for.
  •  Being put in fear of extortion, kidnapping or possibly death, when you notice an Officer on the road coming towards you?
  • Having government shutdown your livelihood on a whim, through force of arms and under color of law?
  •  Needing to ask permission from public official’s to pursue happiness in life, and to exercise liberty?
  • Needing to be injected with experimental technology to remain employed or be accepted by society?
  •  Being kidnapped at gunpoint and thrown in a cage for growing a plant?
  •  Having armed, armored mercenaries break into your home at night and potentially murder you, your family, and your pets….only to learn they got the wrong address? By what the authority? The alleged authority of a piece of paper signed by an administrator.
  • Needing to fight through the de facto court process to gain any kind of remedy from crimes and harm done to you, a man or a woman, by the de facto?
  •  Living in fear of having CPS target your children for their (alleged) “human trafficking” operation, motivated by profit, slandering your name to fabricate reasons to traffic your child? Or, your neighbors lie about you, and in the like manner of “SWATing” someone you don’t like, file false police reports to try and “get ya?”
  • The Judiciary facilitating illegal foreclosures, and then working hand-in-hand with the executive to illegally foreclose on properties for the benefit of legal-fictions and their own pockets? Enforced by the Sheriff, of course, who gets a check to use violence on you.

 But it’s “the law” you may state. What law? Who’s law? Primae Noctis (droit du seigneur) was also a law. I fail to see your point. We the People are the authority of the legislator, see 1820 State of Maine Constitution Article 1. At this time, the 1820 Constitution is the paramount contract that must be understood by the de facto if they can have any claim of legitimacy to operate on Maine soil. The People can assemble and suspend the law and enforce the Common Law. The People institute government for their benefit, the government does not exist for any other reason except to aid in securing unalienable rights. We do not lawfully live under the “laws for thee but not for me” whims of the petty tyrants and wanna-be kings of this age: clerks, officers, legislators, judges, lawyers, and bankers. There are different jurisdictions of law, and not all “laws” are lawful, but are in fact legal. What is lawful? Lawful is the Natural Law, rooted in the Divine Law: Honor and Love the Universal Sovereign with all of your being, and strive to do no harm, make remedy for a wrong if done. True Law requires harm, damage or loss, meaning a victim. Without a victim complainant, who must be a man, woman or child who has had harm done to them, or had damage done to their property or been subjected to a loss of unalienable rights, there is no true crime. Legal fictions, such as corporations, cannot be victims under Natural Law. However, there is another kind of law: Contract law. The Constitutions, of the United States of America and of the several states, which are Common Law contracts, shall not abridge the obligation of contracts. The fact is that the Constitutions themselves are contracts, put in place by The People to shackle the inevitable malfeasance of government animators. The Constitutions also hamper people from turning more power over to a government. If the Constitutions abridged the obligation of contracts, they themselves would be null and void by their own nature.

 Contracts are powerful, binding agreements entered into by at least two consenting, informed, capable, and willing parties. A contract is invalid (void) if any of the following are violated: The contract must be entered into knowingly, willingly, intentionally, and with full disclosure of all material facts pertinent to the terms and conditions of the contract, by consenting and capable parties. Valid contracts override the Constitutions, in general though not in an absolute manner, and they can make what is unlawful perfectly legal. What does that mean? Slavery is unlawful, but you can contract yourself into a form of peonage, and it is perfectly legal. Attacking someone without valid nature and cause for the action is unlawful, but you can consent to mutual combat, in the Octagon for example, and it is perfectly legal. Legal inherently implies some form of valid contract. Even if a contract is not valid, a party must take action to rescind, void or revoke the fraudulent or breached contract. A contract does not need to be written, although enforcement of unwritten, un-witnessed contracts is tricky. A contract can be verbal or implied, or you can contract through tacit agreement, silent acquiescence or non-response and non-rebuttal, or there may be an adhesion contract. Contract law, when the contract is valid, takes precedence over Common Law. You must know the nature and cause of the action.

 This fact about contracts is why “the government” can seemingly “get away with” violating your rights, or the Constitution: Somewhere there is a contract, assumed or otherwise, almost certainly invalid based purely on your ignorance of said contract, but a contract nonetheless. Your consent or lack of rebuttal is what empowers “them” to act upon the presumed contract. This contract, if it physically exists, will almost certainly be accompanied by deceptive or fraudulent and fictitious conveyance of language, the pertinent United States legal code regarding this being 18 USC 1001. I believe it is prudent to learn enough about the cesspit of statute and codes to be able to stand outside of their jurisdiction and shutdown their “courts.” These statutes and codes are not for You, men and women or children, they are for those acting as Federal Citizens, Police, Court Clerks, Agents, Senators, etc. But I advise against deep-diving into statute and code, especially the rabbit-hole of the UCC. I personally feel this is the wrong direction to go in. We need a clean slate.

 We the People can take off our persona-masks and accept the power we inherently have as the creators and masters of “government.” Each and every state has a statute wherein they declare the fact that their courts must take notice of the common law. For The State of Maine corporations, this statute is Title 16, section 402. Each State of State franchise has such a statute, although they are titled differently on a State by State basis. American common law is the law of the land, this land formerly called the United States of America (Continental, not Federal). If the corporations denied Common Law, they deny the right to contract, and they void their own claim of standing. What I have noticed is that the various separate patriot movements or various other movements seem to butt-heads with each other as much as with the de facto. Everyone seems to have no clear direction in which to pull. I am a large fan of, when possible, keeping it simple. My theoretical method of operation is built around enough people doing the following:

  • Pull out of their system. Pull your children out of their indoctrination camps called schools, pull deposits out of banks, put a hold on filling out loan paperwork and using credit cards if feasible, cancel online subscriptions, stop shopping at big corporate stores or online retailers, do not buy from woke corporations. Sadly, it seems as if they may include L.L Bean, and it breaks my heart. Defund them. Look at Disney and what happened with Budlight, it is not only possible, but it is easier than most believe.
  •  If prudent, one may dump alleged “assets” if one chooses or can do so safely, including but not limited to stocks, bonds, and such things as 401K’s, none of which belong to you legally and are denominated in debt, and use that debt to acquire real assets: Food production, energy, water purification, security, and “barterability,” I.E gold and silver. Defund them by pulling the faux store of economic energy out of their system.
  • Support local farmers and small local grocers, when you eat real food, you will naturally want to eat less because you are getting nutrients. Support local artisans, repair shops, and small producers or importers. Take your energy out of the corporate system.
  • Expose key facts about the de-facto to the general populace, including how badly The People have been screwed over, including the denial of the people’s exemption as creditors.
  •  Stand up an American common law court, through the American grand jury process, on each county of Maine, and notice each “superior county court” of this fact, that We are standing. Every single State of State, to my knowledge, has a statute wherein their courts must take notice of the common law, prove otherwise if needed. In Maine, this is the previously mentioned T16-402: “Every court of this State shall take judicial notice of the common law and statutes of every state, territory and other jurisdiction of the United States.”
  •  The men and women animating our Court willingly Assemble and knowingly sign genuine Mainer’s Papers, to ratify these documents, the seven key founding documents around The Maine Republic.
  • Each County Assembly holds genuine Mainer’s Papers with the wet-ink endorsements. People then distribute a set of copies of the genuine to every courthouse and LEA building in Maine.
  • Think of Maine as a sovereign nation, a lawful Constitutional Republic with sixteen Counties like unto mini-states or provinces.
  • When the Executive moves to enforce illegal actions, therefore making themselves criminals, and have been given notice of such, four men need to show up per Officer to make a cease and desist on the criminality, arresting the Officer if necessary, to be held for trial by Common Law court.
  • A hundred men could show up at an illegal foreclosure, and shut down the corporate Sheriff, who is acting to aid and abet crime, this crime being theft by way of fraud and force of arms.
  • When Officers choose to act under color of law and force of arms as pirates or highwaymen, they must be held accountable by We the People. This includes unlawful detention of People, extortion under duress, coercion and threat, making The People insecure in their persons, papers and property, and the armed theft of private property.
  • If kidnapped unlawfully or illegally by Officers, you may choose to sign nothing, and if you sign, one may sign with no name, only: “Without Prejudice, TDC/Threat, Duress, Coercion.” Use red-ink when possible, red represents living blood.
  • Any license you believe to be yours is actually property of the issuing authority, as is the SS card and account. It could be said that you do not own a license and never have, you, a man or women who may domicile on a County, may only act as a holder of the license for the resident-person named on the license Your living name appears nowhere on the license, which also features a deceptive address that puts the person in a Federal District.
  • One may ask “will any documentation or papers I hand over be used against me in a court of law?” You have a right to not incriminate yourself or act as a witness against yourself. If under threat, duress and coercion, an Officer forces you to act against yourself, this can be used later to derail their process. This is an example of why reserving your rights is important.
  • One may consent to nothing and understand nothing, take no pleas, do not cooperate with their system. In the case of a victimless event, they have kidnapped you or are trying to extort you with deception and threat of violence and deprivation of rights. Jam up their system, they must operate according to their own administrative rules, or act as outright criminals.
  • If kidnapped by Officers, the stress of being deprived of rights under color of law and through force of arms may upset your stomach and bowels, and could lead to accidents in the vehicle we tendered payment for that the Officer uses to pirate our roads for corporate profit. The stress may also cause you to lose motor-function and pass out, therefore becoming dead-weight.
  • Do not represent yourself, a man or woman is present as themself. One may find it prudent to not be represented by an officer of the de facto’s own court, I.E, a Lawyer or an Attorney. It may be wise to stop playing in their sandbox and to learn enough to shut down operations against you.
  • Remember the power-phrases: I do not understand, I do not comprehend, I do not accept, (Sometimes you may conditionally accept) I do not consent.
  • Under conditional acceptance, you must know the nature and cause of the action at hand. You may ask “Judge, I must know the nature and cause of this action, is this a Common Law/Constitutional court…or a Contract Court?” If the Judge answers Common Law or Constitutional, you may ask “Where is the man or woman that I may have done harm/wrong who is standing as the complainant/victim?” If the Judge answers Contract court, you may ask “Are you able to present a valid contract that declares you, *name of man/woman acting as Judge* have standing in this matter?” Or, “Are you able to present a valid contract I may be in violation of pertaining to this matter?” You may also ask for a sworn Affidavit of Truth regarding the matter, rarely if ever will the members of the BAR risk signing such a document. Their silence, deflection or avoidance can only be equated with fraud. What is the nature and cause? Victim or valid contract.
  • Everything in the de facto monetary system is promises to pay, lacking substance. Due to the fact that such instruments as they use, notes, drafts (orders) checks etc lack substance, they do not bring equivalent value to the table when servicing debts of substance. But the de facto systems alleged debts a person may owe as a fee or charge are of non-substance. So how does anyone pay for anything? You cannot pay a debt with debt, just as you cannot fill holes with more holes. Under conditional acceptance, you may ask “Will you take a note to pay this alleged debt obligation that you claim is true and owed to you?” You just offered to tender payment with a note, they only take promises to pay, notes, they do not take money. The Judge can say yes, or no. If they say yes, hand them “a note,” if they say no, how are you supposed to pay? Or, you may ask, “Judge, how does anyone pay for anything?” They cannot demand payment in any specific specie of “money/currency” or instrument, like unto the Federal Reserve Notes, or checks, see: Modern money mechanics page 3, IRS code 1.1001-1 (4657) C.C.H; U.C.C A3, 3-104; 18 USC 8; 12 USC 411; HJR 192 and public laws 89-719, 48-112 and 73-10.
  • They will always use a STRAWMAN name, or may even manufacture a new Trust Entity on their paperwork that they want you to believe is you. They merely want you to Act in their play, representing the Entity as an accommodating party. You may declare: “I am the man/woman, commonly called “given-‘middle.’ If necessary, you may include: “of the [last name] Clan, House or perhaps Family. (Family could be taken to mean a group of servants) You may also spell it out audibly, letter by letter, specifying capital and non capital letters, to avoid joinder with the various transmitting utility names the court may try to use and get you to represent or accommodate to.
  • You may say, and truthfully, to your beliefs and knowledge: “I cannot comprehend the conveyance of language on this document.” All of their documents are written with fraudulent and fictitious conveyance of language with non-defined terms and symbols, (prove otherwise) in violation of their own laws, such as 18 USC 1001. Your proper name never appears on any paper they hand you, prove otherwise. It will always be a commercial entity. They never gave you a key, or a guide to define the terms and symbols on the document. Therefore you, a man or woman, operate under assumption and presumption of meaning and intention of the language on the document. The expression “to my belief, knowledge or recollection” is powerful, you can find its like on IRS forms.
  • Any paperwork they demand you fill out, (TDC) would be fraudulent, therefore you can ask them if, under threat, duress and coercion, they are demanding that you file fraudulent paperwork. This includes the bond paperwork. Either they TDC you into it, or they back off, and you may then safely decline to fill out their paperwork as it could be a violation to do so. Regarding a ticket, for example, a cop will believe they have a right to kidnap you with violence if you do not sign a ticket in some STATES. One may write “No contract” at the top of the page, and then “without prejudice, threat, duress, coercion” in place of putting a name. Remember, they want a legal name. You the man or woman do not own a legal name. You have a given name, or a common calling, and the name of your clan, house, or perhaps family. The legal name on the license you may hold but do not own is the legal name of a U.S. entity, not you.
  • You could put out public legal notices in commonly circulated newspapers, at least two, for an ex parte revocation of trust interest in your automobile, (or any registered property) giving perhaps 30 days for any parties claiming interest in your property to respond by mail, and then you may send a notice to the applicable agency, like the DMV/BMV, that you have un/de-registered your property. You are not applying, which is begging, you declare this fact.
  • As an authorized representative of your STRAWMAN name, you may choose to buy the property the entity holds for use with silver coin, (after rescinding/revoking other party(s) interest/claim in/on the property) in the presence of two living witnesses who have known you for seven years, preferably not related to you, who sign the document. Why? You have actually bought the property with lawful money, not simply tendered payment in private debt notes or credit. If one does this, put the Strawman info on the left side of the document, and your living man info on the right column of the document, and include the identifying info of the property on the document, with the date. Sign/autograph of the right with red-ink for living people, black or blue of the left for dead commercial fictions.
  • As a further step, one may place a lien on their own property, or put the property into a Common Law Trust or a Trust otherwise foreign to the jurisdiction of the United States. Why? So the de facto cannot profit off of their potential theft. Most members of the BAR do not learn Trust law, it is an elective course most often, and fewer would comprehend Common Law Trusts.
  • To my current knowledge, every court case generates at least three bonds, which are the real target of the de facto; they want your credit, to get it, they charge a Trust, and the Judge and Attorneys allegedly get a cut for administering the collection process. You may choose to conditionally accept the charges and allow them to use your exemption, (as a creditor to the U.S. Bankruptcy, U.S. Congress promised to pay the debts of People, not persons) depending on the circumstances, to discharge the claim of a debt you owe to “society,” (Which society?) in the case of an actual crime for example. However, in general, for victimless crimes, this simply motivates them to continue racketeering and passing further legislation to “justify” more charges they can put on persons, while draining resources out of your life.
  • You may find it advantageous to teach everyone you encounter while in their system about these matters.

 The purpose of this Theory of Action is to cause the criminality, extortion and theft perpetrated by the de facto to grind to a halt. We must get the de facto to stop bothering with the kidnap and extortion of private men and women because it costs too much to them. Why have their court frozen dealing with a man or a woman, when they could be pushing through plea deal after deal with their persons? The Government should fear The People who created it, not the other way around. Through the Mainer’s Papers “Asservation of Surety” we intend to keep the credit flowing for important services and to settle the accounting. For educational and entertainment purposes and intent, no recourse.

A few terms defined:

  • Person: Latin, persona, a mask. Black’s Law: “Living Person” tries to define a word with the word, this is invalid. Person may mean such things as: Entity, corporation, association, or organization. A person may be a living persona, such as a baker, mechanic or fisherman. A person may be a dead legal fiction, such as a named Bank or other such corporation, a paper corpse, animated by men and women acting as employees or officers.
  • STRAWMAN/transmitting utility: A legal fiction medium through which you the man or woman may interact with the commercial world of dead fictions. The STRAWMAN will have a name that appears in the likeness of what you believe to be your name, but is not. Even if it appears in a proper format, unless the document defines the nature of the name within the four corners of the document, no one can affirm that it is referring to you, the man or the woman.
  • Racketeering: Racketeering is a type of organized crime in which the persons set up a coercive, fraudulent, extortionary, or otherwise illegal coordinated scheme or operation (a “racket”) to repeatedly or consistently collect a profit.
  • Register/Registration: Regis, see Regent, Regi, Regicide, pertaining to a ruler or authority. Ster: Master, Magister, Magistrate or Magi. When you Register property you hand it over to your proclaimed ruler. Therefore you gave another party interest and claim on the property.
  • Vote: mid-15c., “formal expression of one’s wish or choice with regard to a proposal, candidate, etc.,” from Latin votum “a vow, wish, promise to a god, solemn pledge, dedication,” noun use of neuter of votus, past participle of vovere “to promise, dedicate” (see vow (n.)). The meaning “totality of voters of a certain class or type” is from 1888. [Acting as a registered Voter in the corporations, or as a U.S 14th amendment Federal Citizen (U.S. Citizen) is what ties you into all their taxes, fees, statutes and codes per U.S. SC 1889 ruling.] -Without Prejudice, no recourse, T. Jas. J AKA: The Mad Mainer


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  1. leonbard

    Speaking of contracts and property ownership, the best way to own your land is to bring the land patent forward on your land. A Trust may provide some benefits, but there may be times when a good/bad lawyer may be able to pierce the Trust. On the other hand a properly secured land patent cannot be collaterally attacked by anybody including a judge, unless he sees fraud on the face of it. A land patent is a private contract between the original grantor and the present day grantee. No one has a right to interfere with a private contract. The only way that land transfers with a land patent is by heirs or assigns and this is forever. A bank cannot take your property for a mortgage and the municipality cannot take your property for back taxes because they cannot encumber your property. A land patent is the only true title to land in law. Any other deed, such as a warranty deed, sheriff’s deed etc. only give the appearance of title under color of law. In most cases these types of deeds will state that you are just a tenant, and not a true owner. This is why you pay property taxes because you are just renting. With a land patent the property is considered private property and untaxable. If anyone is interested in learning more about land patents you can download this document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g1njpp8zkkufp73/Memorandum%20of%20Law-Land%20Patent.pdf?dl=0 Under our original Republican form of government in order to participate one had to be an elector. In order to qualify as an elector one had to own land, to prove that you owned land, you needed to have your land patent.


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