Secrets that the Banksters do not want known by the masses

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The entire de facto financial system is nothing more than a private-central banking debt-based fiat-currency Ponzi scheme. The purpose of this conglomeration of vehicles is to siphon your lifeforce, sweat-equity (intellectual and physical labor energy) into the hands of the Owners of the Banks by way of deceit to perpetuate fraud. When this fraud and deceit fails, bribes and threats may follow. When threats may fail, they try assassination. And on a national level, when a country bucks the private central banking system, they try invasion by the Bank controlled corporate government armed forces, such as that of the Federal United States. Note, this is not a dig at the individual men and women who volunteer to serve in what they believe to be the military of a sovereign nation, what may be mistakenly referred to as the American military. But I must be factual. My target of exposure and criticism is corporate in nature, foreign in interest, and detrimental to America and to the general welfare of our race and the world at large: The de facto incorporated government and the financial octopus behind it, and as may be necessary, the informed and complicit animators thereof causing harm to others.

This article is going to focus on how “loans” actually work behind the scenes, in this case, mortgages. I’m going to break it down as simply as I may, well still conveying the general idea. You, the naïve man or woman who is acting as a “homebuyer” sits down at “Fraudbank” with Mr. B. Shark, a loan officer for Fraudbank. You have a good credit score, according to the credit bureaus anyway, and a solid middle-class income. Mr. B. Shark, having gotten approval from the Underwriter, Daddy Shark, slides you a small pile of paper, showing where to fill in your information, and most importantly, where to sign. You skim the document, eyes glazed. you do not really know the definitions of all the words used, or assume that you do. You don’t know what every little symbol, number or separate boxed area of the page means either. You operate under the assumption that this is normal, this is what you do, you sign things without comprehension or reservation of rights. Your parents did it, your siblings did it, everyone does it. It is just how things are, you need a loan to afford a car, a house, a boat, or schooling. After all, it is perfectly normal to act as a debtor…right?

The document represented as loan paperwork before you must be honest and legal you assume, because Fraudbank is a member FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). Fraudbank must be compliant with Federal regulations, and someone real smart and honest from the government must be keeping an eye on Fraudbank and its officers. Surely, Fraudbank’s officers know what they are talking about, and would never blindly follow procedure without true comprehension. Surely, the general officers, including the Manager, Underwriter and CFO would not operate openly to scam you out of your lifeforce. After all, Fraudbank is FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) compliant, as all public companies are supposed to be, and Fraudbank’s officers must follow GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) you assume. Mr. Government is looking out for the little guy. Someone, somewhere, in some alphabet agency, should catch any malfeasance on the part of Fraudbank, and act to remedy the situation…right?

The previous paragraph is how many people fail in thinking, and instead, we assume “someone else must be responsible.” We, as a kind, are given to accept the nature of the reality with which we are presented. We also tend to have a weakness in assuming that others think, feel and perceive as we do, and share the same motivations that we may share. You may never rip someone off with a fraudulent contract, but there are plenty who would and have done so. Why, Dear Reader, are you so quick to put your faith and trust into the institutions of our era? What evidence do you have to justify this trust? These legal entities are dead fictions: Credit unions, banks, government agencies, government departments, branches, they do not exist. They only exist as a concept on paper and in digital files. What does exist are men and women who animate what could be called the ficta corpus (fictional body) of these entities. Men and women are imperfect, flawed, can carry trauma, are ignorant (as we all are) and self interested. They are not magical-beings because they wear a suit and carry a badge or a certification.

Let us circle back to the loan document, in this instance being called a mortgage. I am about to drop some truth bombs here that will go completely against everything you thought was true about loans and banking. I may not go into great detail on each point, because this article will be too long, but I hope to get the key point across. (1) Number one, there is no money in the de facto banking system, only credit, it is all just bookkeeping entries and promises. (2) It is a fact that deposited funds and loans are not done in the manner assumed by and marketed to you. (3) The bank or credit union has nothing of substance in its coffers to lend to you, the alleged debtor, and brings nothing of equal value to the table as You did. (4) You, the man or woman, are not the debtor and have no obligation to repay the alleged debt.

(1): There is no money, the de facto does not operate with substance, such as gold or silver, only promises to tender payment at a later date. Cash is not money, it is currency used to tender payment, being notes, a record of and a claim on a debt obligation. The system necessitates the expansion of the debt, because there can never be enough “currency” to cover the interest % on the principal of each unit of account (U.S. Dollar) created. There is only credit, the potential energy of a promise to pay at a future date or over a period of time.

(2): The bank or credit union is not collecting portions of other account deposits and lending you that sum. This system would not work, it would operate on the hope that no one comes to withdraw their balance, leading to a game of whack-a-mole as the institution passes portions of balances around to remain solvent. This method of operation would never be sufficient to meet the demand for more debt to keep the gears turning, the institutions create new funds from deposits. The promissory note was recorded as a loan from you to the institution. This promise was used to generate new “money” (credit) and then a portion was used as “checkbook money” and “lent” to the entity named on the documents you signed as an authorized representative. The promissory note is legal tender, it could be called money, or monetary, by some, even though it is not money, but is credit. Some might call the manufacture of new funds from such instruments to be: Counterfeiting.

(3) It is a fact that you, through the power of your signature, acting as an authorized representative and presumed accommodating party to the entity named on that document, funded the loan. This genuine note with the wet-ink signature is sent off to either (a) the open window at the Federal Reserve, or (b) to the U.S. Treasury, where it is monetized for its full potential as an instrument to generate revenue for the system. This means the principal plus the interest is funded upfront to the alleged lending institution. You, the one who signed, are the creditor, and the institution is the true debtor, and through paper-sorcery, they flipped the script, leaving you to believe you are the debtor in this matter. The words borrower, lender, debtor and interest all imply the existence of a loan, and it was presented as a loan by the institution to you.

(4) The loan was made by you, the living man or woman, who funded it by your signature, which released your credit (promises, potential energy). This process was facilitated through a transmitting utility bearing a likeness to your name, and the institution. The institution then took a small amount of the payment they received, the balance on the note that you expected, and credited a checking account you have access to, pretending it was a loan. The mortgage loan was settled from the start. It is actually a securities-contract. When a bank or some such institution forecloses on a property with a copy of the genuine documents, this is securities fraud. And this securities fraud is allowed by and facilitated across the Country by members of the BAR, Judges and Attorneys. The genuine note with the endorsement has monetary value. To explain: You cannot photocopy a $100 note and use it like the genuine, can you? This alleged mortgage is not in your name, but is in the name of the entity on the document. You, the living being, require a medium to interact with the world of dead corporate fictions, the transmitting utility entity. Examples of transmitting utilities names: JOHN JAKE DOE. John J. Doe. Doe, John J.

You were not given full disclosure to all the material facts pertinent to the alleged risks, obligations, terms and conditions of the contract. You did not comprehend everything written on the document, and cannot understand it. The institution committed fraud in the factum by severely misrepresenting the facts of the situation. What you believed to be a loan was in fact a securities agreement where you lent, you did not borrow. But wait, there’s more! The institution has already been funded with the principal plus the interest. Now, “you” are assuming an obligation to repay these funds you provided by the signature, plus interest and possibly fees. This means, presuming “you” sweat to pay off the balance, plus interest, that the institution gets paid again! A mortgage can easily reap 470% profit over the years, depending on the terms of the agreement. Man oh man, are you a sucker, and the Banksters laugh all the way to…well, to their bank. Think you can somehow stick it to them, and stop paying the nonexistent obligation with your sweat? Don’t worry, the bank always wins, there is an insurance policy on that loan, bub. And guess what? Now Mommy Shark, a collection officer, starts hounding you with mail notices, do, do, do do. Then, Fraudbank’s Attorney, Mr. Viper, strikes at your calves with legal venom, involving a court, and a fellow BAR member, a Judge, who facilitates a fraud and signs a piece of paper for the Sheriff (Definitely, certainly, no conflict of interest, don’t look at the Judges finances too close). And Sheriff Yusful Idjut gets a check to come with guns and steal your home for Fraudbank….and now, that property is up for sale again. Fraudbank has all the funding it needs for these operations, as they set aside a budget for such things from all the sources of funds men and women deposit with them.

To reiterate, the institution gets the principal plus interest upfront by monetizing your signature on the genuine note. You funded the loan, which was paid in full, principal plus interest, from the beginning. The institution “lends” you a portion of your own funds dispersed by the Fed or the Treasury, and demands payment back plus interest. There is an insurance policy for the alleged loan, if it is not repaid by the alleged debtor party (which you believe to be yourself) entirely for the purpose of ensuring the bank gets paid again for something you funded. The institution won, and wins if you keep playing by making “payments,” but they also win if you don’t pay, possibly even more so, between insurance and the resale of the property, using the same scam again on some new sucker. You must work, labor, for the means to repay the alleged debt. These scammers are counterfeiting new funds through monetizing promissory notes that We deposit. Past labor must be used to fund payroll, but the promise of future labor was given to a bank in the form of a promissory note and funded the loan. The future value of labor energy was stolen from the alleged borrower and “loaned” back to him by the institution, which brought nothing of value to the table. There was no equal consideration between the relevant parties. This could be argued to be larceny, fraud and deceptive and predatory business practices. Keywords to keep in mind: Fraudulent concealment, false pretense, false statement, false representation, false, fraud, false token, actual or constructive fraud, fraud by concealment, fraud in fact (fraud in the factum) or in law, fraud in the execution, fraud in the inducement, and fraudulent misrepresentation.

The Bankers have engineered the system so it is impossible to lose, long-term, the house always wins…as long as you keep playing. This is the game. This is the power of the private central commercial banking system operating on debit and credit. This is what they kill for. This is what they are terrified of you learning. Arm yourselves with knowledge.

References: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago publication: Two Faces of Debt (p19), the note funds the exchange, which is not a loan; see also: Public Debt: Private Asset (p. 2) The bank/institution is the debtor who owes you, the lender. Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia: Hats the Federal Reserve Wears (p. 6) “…banks have the power, within limits, to create money…” Newly created “money” is called “checking-type accounts.” Federal Reserve Bank of Boston: Banking Basics (p. 15) Depositing promissory notes generates the new money, the institution receives the note you signed for free and uses it to fund loans charging interest. General deposits are not the source of loan funding in the manner commonly thought by the populace. Fractional reserve banking works by generating new money on deposits (promises) from people, which is counterfeiting or stealing. The people are not given full disclosure, and are not given a cut of the profits. Federal Reserve Bank of New York: The Story of Checks and Electronic Payments (p. 7) The bank cannot create a new liability/checking account balance (deposit) without receiving an asset that can be exchanged for cash, this being an instrument like cash, a check or a promissory note. Federal Reserve Bank of New York: A Penny Saved (p. 13) The banks are expensive middlemen and customers could simply bypass the banking process entirely and lend/exchange directly with others, if they had the knowledge to facilitate such. It further reads that a bank offers an advantage of pooling resources for loans. However, the article points out contradictions within the Fed’s own publications: The bank creates new money from deposits and is lending out funds derived from promissory notes. It is not pooling deposit balances together to lend to others. See also: Federal Reserve Bank of New York: The Story of Money, and The Story of Monetary Policy, regarding the implied fractional reserve system, which contains false and misleading statements and is contradicted by the fact that banks cannot lend base deposits, but must generate new funds off of deposits. See: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Money and Banking (p. 11) “…loan becomes a new deposit, just like a paycheck does…” Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago: Points of Interest. (p. 6) explains that when an institution grants a loan they generate new deposits. I have more, but I think this article is long enough for now. Until next time.

-Without Prejudice, T. Jas. J. AKA: The Mad Mainer.


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  1. Stephen Jarman

    I love this story! Thanks to The Mad Mainers, good write-up on exposing the mortgage scam. I, and millions of other suckers, plan to see to it that we’re repaid for the stolen, pre-paid credit that we’ve been led to believe is “just how the system works” – time is running out for the banksters, and there’s nowhere to hide from a few million pissed off hard working Americans, especially the ones who have suffered an unlawful foreclosure by foreigners of the BAR…the courts – judges, clerks, AG’s…are even more complicit in that scam.

  2. leonbard

    Excellent!! It was about 2 years after my business and my home was stolen by a foreclosure that I began to understand the bank fraud. How many people in this country will be just a bit upset when they realize that the bank that stole their home didn’t have a nickel invested. A clear case of unjust enrichment. Knowledge is power, you can actually have a lot of fun with it. In November of 2013, then Attorney General Janet Mills was informed of the bank fraud in front of at least 30 witnesses. Her response was “Deer in the Headlights Look”, then at first opportunity she got up and ran out of the room. I got a similar response from William Schneider when he served as Attorney General under LePage. Bill is in a wheelchair (Bless his soul) so he didn’t get up and run out of the room, but I did get the “Deer in the Headlights Look” when I asked him if the financial institution committed fraud. I have also presented this information to a VP of a Bank, again silence. These people are just smart enough to realize that you’ve hit the nail on the head and it’s not wise for them to try to rebut the truth.

    • tjasj

      Exposure is key, the more know, the more people can walk away.

  3. leonbard

    Here is a link to the movie “The Big Short” released in December of 2015. Remembering that the bank has been paid, if you don’t think the banker/lawyer didn’t have incentive to steal your home, you need to watch this movie. The Big Short


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