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by | Jul 3, 2023 | Letters to the editor, Letters from Readers

Dear Editor:
Novel student recruiting approaches in higher education are becoming evident as continued competitive emphasis is placed on all aspects of diversity. Connecticut’s Wesleyan University sets a new standard by offering free abortion counseling and medical services to all undergraduate applicants for the incoming Class of 2026. Though unclear whether advance disclosure of physical condition is required, it appears that this extraordinary benefit necessarily would be made available to enrollees of all sexes and genders. Parental notification and consent presumably would not be a consideration except for child prodigies well below age 18.
This revelation gives new meaning to the potential value of a college education. Infirmary visits to obtain aspirin for headaches, nasal spray for colds, and bandages for athletic injuries are so old-fashioned. A new era of medical dependency is at hand, and Wesleyan is to be commended for its demonstration of leadership in the advancement of reproductive rights. It will be interesting to see whether other institutions of higher learning feel obliged to compete at this level, particularly those with similar religious roots. Is the next step free hospital care for students in need of heart surgery or joint replacement?

By Phil Osifer


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