Introductory Letter: Introducing The Mad Mainer

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Education, Letters to the editor, Opinion

While these letters are meant for Maine, in general they may have value elsewhere, across the late United States of America, perhaps beyond. The intended purpose is to post educational, or at minimum, entertaining “letters” that have been written as part of a larger project. The World is changing, and the direction in which it teeters can be directed is by the hands of We the People. Although, in point of fact, the tottering of our World is being directed by We the People, even if individual men and women fail to see it or refuse to accept their part in it. Apathy and acceptance are also influencing the changing of our World, aiding the “Globalist Agenda” of a Totalitarian Worldwide State, completely controlled by the puppet-master bloodline families. It seems at times, to this man’s observation and limited perspective, that people simply want to get back to their ideal of normalcy. There is no going back, and this fact may have yet to be widely accepted by the masses. The utter and absolute failure of the “Educational System” and decades of media programming have, it may seem, retarded large swaths of the populace, and I used the term retarded for it’s original meaning of delayed development, not as an overused insult.

Anecdote: When I worked within the school system for Windham-Raymond and Gorham, the children were severely limited in the perspective they were presented with, and informationally malnourished. From middle-school to high-school, there were still children who hungered for knowledge, or other viewpoints. Why do eleven year-olds need to learn about Egyptian mythology and religion, publicly funded? Why not learn about monetary history and finance instead? I use this as just one example from the Gorham middle-school. The Public, herein meaning government, school-system is a train-wreck. The Children “graduate” knowing next to nothing practical, an exception to this rule-of-thumb being garden-club. I ordered a drink from a coffee-shop the other day, and asked to get change for twenties. I separated the twenties into two piles, a pile of two twenties for fives, and a stack of three twenties for tens, and said “eight fives and six tens please.” The cashier, bless her, had to stop, ask me again, and double check the amount in her head. Benefit of the doubt, maybe she was tired and sleep deprived. But this is an observation in a situation that may feed my confirmation bias when it involves such matters.

Eventually, this latest woefully ignorant and generally unprepared generation are supposed to make-up the politicians and business owners of tomorrow. These cumulative events to come should churn the stomachs of strong men. But the ignorance is not their fault, at least, not entirely. In the age of the internet, ignorance is mostly inexcusable. But the children have not been taught how to learn, why to learn, and often, to hate what they think is learning, due to the school-system. They enter the World set-up for failure, more often then not. But the general systematic ignorance of the populace, unfortunately, is not confined to the Millennials and Zoomers. Remember, this World was created by the action, inaction, and entitlements of previous generations. As one example, the Greatest Generation and the Silent Generation allowed the Banking Cartels to hijack the U.S. Government in order to institute the Federal Reserve and to take all of the money out of the system. They allowed this event, a topic we will touch on later, to occur. Each generation contributed to the World of the one that the following generation is forced to live in.

Although there is an awakening process occurring across the world, a surprising number of men and women still seem to be confused on such topics as the nature of Federal Reserve Notes, or believe that the United States of America was ever a democracy. This does me a concern. The Question of the day is, what are you going to do now? I digress. In summary, I am seeking to speak out and to educate the general populace on a number of topics and what we may be able to do about it. I have been working with fellow patriots and Maine people to move Maine state through the oncoming storm that is slamming into our world at this time. If you are not awake, wake up. We are at a cross roads, now is the time to pull one’s head out of the sand.

-Without Prejudice, C.C Jordan AKA: The Mad Mainer


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