Question of the Week 30

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Journalism, Question of the Day, Question Of the Week

Last Week’s Question:

There are some differences between American currency and Canadian. Which of the following statements are true:
A. The Loonie, ($1 coin) and the Toonie ($2 coin) have all but replaced small denomination paper Canadian currency. 

B. Canada no longer prints paper money.

C. Canada no longer mints pennies.

D. The Canadian $20 bill and $50 bill feature a picture of a Queen and a King, respectively. 

E. All four statements are true.

The answer is “E”. 
A. Canadians love their distinctive Loonies and Toonies. A five-dollar coin may be issued soon. What Canada’s money makers figured out was that for dollar coins to be successful, they must look nothing like quarters!

B. Canadian bills are printed on plastic polymer sheets which mean they last far longer than the paper bills made here in the USA.

C. Canada stopped minting pennies back in 2012. All prices are rounded off in five cent increments. Meanwhile, in the USA, it costs our government over two cents to mint a penny. 

D. This statement is true, but it is a bit of a trick question. The picture on the Canadian $50 bill is that of William KING. He was a prime minister back in the 1930’s. Queen Elizabeth is on the Canadian $20. 

This week’s question:
Lawmakers in Washington and Augusta love solar power. The Maine legislature has passed laws that favor solar and subsidize solar. But solar panels don’t generate electricity at night and Maine’s winter is long and dark. But, damn the details, full speed ahead! (Remember, this is the same government that pays two cents for a penny!) Solar power does sort of make sense is some places. Which of these locations gets the most daylight each year? 

  1. Eastport, Maine
  2. Miami, Florida
  3. Huma, Arizona
  4. Anchorage, Alaska
  5. Honolulu, Hawaii 

Randall Poulton 


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