Question of the Week 31

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Journalism, Question of the Day, Question Of the Week

Last week’s question:
Solar power does, sort of, make sense is some places. Which of these locations gets the most daylight each year?

Eastport, Maine
Miami, Florida
Huma, Arizona
Anchorage, Alaska
Honolulu, Hawaii

The answer is: Everyplace on earth gets the same amount of daylight each year. Places north of the equator get more daylight during April thru September then during October thru March. In Maine we have ~16 hours of daylight during May, June, and July but only ~8 hours during November, December, and January. For places below the equator, the seasons are reversed.
Of course, clouds can block the sun. Huma, Arizona is the place in America with the fewest cloudy days. In terms of where solar electric makes the most sense, it is in places where the daylight hours coincide with periods of peak electrical demand, generally 4 PM to 7PM. Miami, Florida is such a place. Eastport, Maine – not so much!

This week’s question:
According to the Energy Information Agency, what percentage of the electricity generated in the USA during 2022 was by generated by solar voltaic panels?
A. 3.4%

B. 6.2%

C. 10.2%

D. 18.2%

E. 19.5%

Randall Poulton


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