Wood Stoves Could Become Illegal Under Big Sister Mills’ “Carbon Neutral” Scheme

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Energy Issues, Maine

Wood Stoves Could Become Illegal Under Big Sister Mills’ “Carbon Neutral” Scheme

By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, October 9, 2019

   Maine Governor, Janet “Big Sister” Mills recently gave a climate alarmist speech to the United Nations where she pledged, via Executive Order, to make Maine “carbon neutral” by 2045.   The dreams and aspirations of the left-wing socialist governor aim to either reduce or eliminate the use of fossil fuels for industry, transportation and even home heating.  Conventional wood burning stoves and pellet stoves for home heating are likely to be either heavily regulated or in some cases outlawed in order to achieve the elusive goals of her Executive Order.

   “Carbon Neutral” means there will be no increases in the output of carbon dioxide emissions.  This is achieved by either reducing output directly, or by purchasing so-called “carbon offset credits” from an international marketplace.  The former would be accomplished via burdensome regulation of all internal combustion engines, the fuel used for them and all home and business heating devices that burn carbon-based fuels.  The latter would be a financial boon for the socialists who have dreamt up the carbon credit trading system because it would require anyone who wanted to burn more than their government-allocated stipend of fossil fuels, or wood-based products to purchase excessively expensive and heavily taxed carbon credits to do so.  Both systems would require a heavy-handed authoritarian police state and bureaucratic apparatus to monitor and enforce – the dream of all socialist planners in the Democrat party today.

   The way a carbon credit would work is a person or business would first have to reduce their CO2 output, then pay to have that fact certified, and finally offer that certificate for sale on the open market, in a system  sort of like the casino gulag that is the New York Stock Exchange.  A person or business who wants to increase their carbon output beyond that approved by their local government would then have to purchase those credits in order to legally emit CO2 from their location.  The end result would be a “carbon neutral” status with massive financial windfalls to the organizers of the carbon credit market scheme and the governments who impose taxes on those transactions in order to finance welfare payments to third-world countries.

   This means in order to burn firewood, a homeowner may have to apply for government permission, submit to invasive monitoring by government bureaucrats and purchase costly carbon credits simply to heat their home; even if the wood they’re burning is cut from their own land.  Fines and jail time would likely be imposed by the authoritarian power structure for anyone who dares to defy the carbon neutral goals set forth by Big Sister Mills.

   The earth’s environment has been changing for millions of years, fluctuating between warmer and colder.  Ice ages have come and gone and the ice sheet of Antarctica (the South Pole) is even sitting on top of what was once a vast tropical forest.  All of these changes have come about without man, industry or excessive carbon dioxide levels. 

   Absent from the conversation is the fact that carbon dioxide emissions have nothing to do with our climate cycles – warming or cooling. Our distance from the sun, tilt of the axis, the sun’s own thermonuclear activity and even the amount of dust in the air is what affects us. The sun, like the earth, goes through its own warming and cooling cycles which then translates to corresponding temperature fluctuations on earth. As for carbon dioxide levels in the earth’s atmosphere is concerned, all green plants consume carbon dioxide as a food source and release oxygen back into the atmosphere. Every greenhouse operator knows the more carbon dioxide in the air, the faster plants grow and consume it – which is why many commercial growers inject extra carbon dioxide into their greenhouses to speed their plants’ growth and enhance the size of their fruit. Plants, therefore act as a natural regulator of carbon dioxide as they hungrily  remove it from the atmosphere.

   Ten years ago, Leighton Steward, author of Fire, Ice and Paradise, said much of the global warming debate was focused on reducing CO2 emissions because it was thought that the greenhouse gas produced mostly from fossil fuels was warming the planet. However, Steward, who once believed CO2 was the root cause of “global warming,”  has provided voluminous studies and scientific evidence that suggest CO2 is not the cause for warming. What’s more, he says CO2 levels are so low that more, not less, is needed to sustain and expand plant growth since CO2 is a major source of food for all green plants and trees.    

   A recent petition signed by over 31,000 American scientists stated that, “There is no convincing evidence that human release of CO2, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will in the foreseeable future cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.”

   Decades before the climate change mantra began heating up, the United States Department of Agriculture took a more reasonable, measured approach to the subject. In a press release addressing climate change published in the July 11, 1923 Fort Fairfield Review, the USDA is quoted as saying, “While there are well-recognized alternations in climatic conditions, as of wet and dry, hot and cold, etc., little is known with regard to definite laws of sequence of weather conditions over extended periods of years. Within ordinary historic times there is practically no evidence that there has been a definite and progressive change in the climate in one direction or the other, but rather that the same sort of alternations are now succeeding each other indefinitely, as in earlier, historic times. It is also believed that the amount of change, if any, is too small and the extent of territory involved too indefinite to be of economic interest. Until definite knowledge is available concerning the law of sequence of weather conditions, and possible periodic cycles affecting the weather are quantitatively established, scientific long range forecasting is impracticable.”

   For millennia, control mongers in religious and government positions of power have capitalized on a naïve and gullible public to achieve control of the masses for profit and gain.  These nefarious individuals have used the concept of a flat earth, solar eclipses, earthquakes and tsunamis to scare the public into acquiescing to their demands and to kick money up to the authorities so they can ostensibly make the evil shenanigans stop.  Today, the same is taking place in the climate change debate.  In the 1970’s the control mongers tried to scare the public with a coming ice age, or so-called “global cooling.”  When that idea failed to take place, they switched their tactics to “global warming” in the 1990s through around 2010.  When it was discovered the earth isn’t actually warming like they said it would, they switched tactics again to the more nebulous and generic “climate change.”  This strategy appeared to be successful because nobody can argue the climate is changing – it does in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres four times per year with the changing seasons, as well as cyclically over the centuries.  But what these globalist controllers were trying to do is convince a gullible and naïve public that man and man’s pollution is the reason for the changes, rather than naturally occurring events outside of man’s control. 

   In order to establish the kind of police state infrastructure on a global scale that would be required to enforce a dummied-up carbon neutral policy, an authoritarian, extreme left-wing world body would need to be employed to those ends. 

   Enter the United Nations.

   The United Nations is a communist-inspired organization set up by fiat in 1946.  While their stated goal is ostensibly “world peace” it is ironic that they use the police and military power of member countries to enforce that goal on any country that does not agree with their communist policies – one of which is “climate change.”  The late Natalie Grant Wraga, a leading Soviet expert who advised the U.S. State Department on communist and Soviet deception techniques said, “Protection of the environment has become the principle tool of attack against the West and all it stands for.  Protection of the environment may be used as a pretext to adopt a series of measures designed to undermine the industrial base of developed nations.  It may also serve to introduce malaise by lowering their standard of living and implanting communist values.”

  Since the Democrat party in the U.S. has been overrun by hard-line communists who couldn’t have gotten elected under their own party’s banner, it isn’t the least bit surprising that Maine’s hard-line socialist governor, Big Sister Mills has turned to that world communist powerhouse to espouse her authoritarian goals.

   Big Sister dreams of replacing internal combustion engines and home heating devices with all electric-based technologies utilizing wind, tidal and solar electric generation solutions.  However, there are serious drawbacks with those devices when attempting to operate at the scale society is currently accustomed to.  Massive wind generators, like the one that recently caught on fire and burned to a total loss at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, are prohibitively expensive to purchase, maintain and operate and only have a minimal service lifetime of 20 years before they must be scrapped and completely replaced.  Solar panels for electricity generation have come a long way, but the improvements have mostly been in affordability; this type of “green” electrical generation is still the least efficient of all that are currently available.  On the other end of the green spectrum, at the consumption end, are the new electric heat pumps that were the rage in the Northeast up until a few years ago.  At this point in time, people who use electric heat pumps have noticed they only work well down to about zero degrees Fahrenheit.  For the extended below zero days Maine can suffer under for sometimes a month at a time, owners of electric heat pumps have found they still have to resort to either wood- or fuel oil-based solutions to keep their homes warm where the electric heat pumps struggle to keep up.

   While it is true that advances in technology can make these systems practical on the scale society requires, our current monetary system based society exclusively prohibits those advances due to the need to create artificial scarcity in order to create profits for the multi-national corporations who in turn purchase and control the politicians.  This symbiotic relationship will continue to conspire to stifle technology and thus the advances needed to create an abundant alternative energy grid the world so desperately needs.

   Command and control socialists, like Big Sister, do not like wood or fuel based heating solutions because the fuel is stored on-site and populations cannot be forced or cajoled into following government edicts as easily as those who rely solely on an external energy source via the power grid which can be selectively shut down on the whim of a government bureaucrat.  Independence and self-sufficiency in home heating as well as transportation and industry are a threat to all communist command and controllers, which is why there is such a push from the left to bring all of those systems under their hand using the carbon dioxide/climate change mantra.

   At the 2015 COP21 climate summit, in Paris, Rt Rev Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop of Capetown and global climate ambassador for ACT Alliance, said the primary concern of the leaders of the climate change movement is to push for “a firm commitment to deliver the $100bn climate finance to the poor, and the anchoring of the Warsaw International Mechanism on loss and damage in the Paris agreement.” 

   In other words, stopping climate change is not the primary motivation of the international Climate Change agenda, but rather, a communist redistribution of wealth scheme from the industrialized countries to the undeveloped countries via a complex and heavily taxed carbon credit trading system. This is what the climate change end goal is now, and always has been.


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