Wayward Journalism

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Journalism

Amazingly, journalists everywhere have somehow misplaced some very loud statements from key trusted voices on the subjects of masks, vaccines and Covid-19 Treatment Protocols. Public health matters such as these are far too critical to offer viewers anything but facts, and growing evidence is being ignored which directly contradicts what many outlets are reporting.  

Information on masks, vaccines, and protocols is being misquoted, taken out of context, poorly researched and barely cited. We are all left with so many unanswered questions. I wonder which trusted sources can I go to get good information and will that information be accurate.  Is there a history that may cause the consumer to want to reconsider taking pharmaceuticals from their company? Does the shot stay in the area of the injection site or Is it supposed to? Has this type of technology ever been tried in humans before? What happens if I or a loved one is injured? Will I be helped or compensated for being part of a Pharmaceutical trial?

What are some trusted media outlets to view (accurate, truthful, and non – biased) reports on developing world events, including  current government response around the world to the virus and vaccines. What we keep running into is that there are so many outright lies out there that we could easily write a whole other newspaper to report on the different versions of the news. Here’s another question for you: Did you know that there are growing demonstrations around the world where troves of people are marching through the streets because they are calling out the lies, and refusing the Orwellian measures which are enormously oppressive to small businesses, individuals, children in schools, society in general?

Much of the reason this wayward journalism exists is that since the legalization of propaganda in the media, news agencies around the world can warp and distort facts in order to work in favor of any political agenda. How did this happen? We will look at this in coming publications.

Now, God in heaven knows that I would fight a grizzly bear before I ever wrote a story on the corruption of the government, the media, or the Clinton family if I was a journalist in the 90’s; but, here in the 21st century we all know that they suck and we also know that many of the politicians on both sides, just plain old suck. We can roast them all day and just laugh and laugh and laugh. And they know that we know that they suck, except Mitch McConnell. He still thinks he’s all right. ( He sucks too. ) The point is, a few hundred years ago measures were put into place to keep the government from becoming way too big and powerful, and sucking their way to the top of the world and making things suck for us.

Well, here at the good ole’ Anchor we can not account for the wayward journalists out there, nor their agenda, nor their sponsors, but what we can do is take issues of masks, vaccines, our school system, medical system, legal system, and state spending and bring these issues home to Maine, and report on them ethically and truthfully. These days, it is like reaching into a grab bag where you might find a nice piece of candy, but you also might find a turd. We really just want us, the general public, like you and me, to have an option with no turds in the bag. To be completely honest with you, dear reader, we are pissed. What is unfolding here is very clearly not a far right conspiracy. 

We realize that there are times when it may be more humane and appropriate to leave some detail out of a story in order to spare some unnecessary burden upon the audience. This is expected in respectable journalism. You must handle a solemn occasion with the appropriate measure of sympathy and compassion. What we are seeing today in relation to the reporting on vaccines, masks, and medical protocols is perhaps the largest and most purposeful propaganda driven, misinformation campaign ever to be waged on the general public by a close collaboration of world government institutions. What is it that we see unfolding in this plan; the aphrodisiac of every conspiracy theorist, being talk of a grand plan to enslave all of humanity; The New World Order? Or is Covid-19 a naturally occurring virus that is so bad that it warranted the events of the last two years, as we are being led to believe? Will it just go away when we hit that high vaccination rate? Or, perhaps the most controversial and damning question of all: is it the fault of the vaccine free and unmasked, that these “vaccines” don’t work? I think that whether we agree or disagree to this narrative, the truth of these matters, matters deeply.

Whatever answer you are looking for to any of the above questions, you can find it somewhere on the internet be it on Fox, MSNBC, or CNN. So what is leading them to have such very different views on things? More on this in the coming publications.

Let’s set all that aside for now, and remember that since we haven’t taken any large payoffs recently from the Federal Government, (aka Big Pharma,) we are still allowed to say what we want, i.e., report the truth. As for our financial backers so far, and those of you who wish to contribute, we thank you so much! Please visit us in the Gulag!  -MAC


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