Author: The Maine Anchor | Team

Author: The Maine Anchor | Team

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In the very distant past

By Bill Colby
In the very distant past
that I always thought would last,
I awoke one day to a life, a life I had never dreamed.
It seems that my creator had planned to intervene,
changing my direction, turning me to a land I’d never seen,
far beyond anything I would dream.

The Maine Way Forward

Part 1: The Illness

“When did you move here?” or “where are you from?”

I am usually asked one of these two questions when I meet someone new, and I try to respond quickly.

“July of 2020, from Arizona, but my wife was born in Belfast.”

As if to say without saying, “yes, I’m ‘from away’, yes I moved here during “the thing”, yes I’m an ‘outtastater’. But my wife has roots here. I married into this culture and society.”

This passes most tests. It relaxes the locals. The next question they ask is “why would you leave Arizona for Maine?”

The question is usually stressed, exaggerated, and implies an attitude of derision toward Maine.


Some people are better in handling power than others. Janet Mills is not one of them. For 16 months, she extended emergency powers and denied the legislature the opportunity to do their jobs. Mills issued 98 executive orders under her declared “State of Emergency.”...

Vast Majority of Maine’s Recent COVID-19 Hospitalizations and Deaths are Among the “Vaccinated”

The New York Times, recently reported how Maine was leading all states and territories in recent deaths associated with COVID-19, NYT defines “Recent Death Rate” as deaths per 100,000 residents over the past 7 days, with Maine’s rate coming in at .40 deaths per 100,000 residents, nearly 4 times higher than the national average and nearly 25 % higher than #2 Nevada.


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