Parents Deemed Domestic Terrorists

by | Mar 5, 2022 | Woke Schools

How The System Has Been Weaponized Against You

It started with concerned citizens attending school board meetings, and asking questions about the new “woke” curriculum. A brand-new culture seemed to be rising where he could be she, and she could be he, or anyone could be they. Bathrooms were no longer a function of anatomy, but rather became a subjective personal choice. Soon, parents began standing up, like Maine father Shawn McBreairty, who was later banned from his twin daughters’ high school graduation for expressing concerns over Critical Race Theory being taught in the classroom. In Virginia, Stacy Langtona reported that graphic pedophilia was available in her child’s school library in titles such as “Lawn Boy, or “Gender Queer”.  More and more, parents from around the country began speaking up, and speaking out. In June of last year, Scott Smith was arrested at a board meeting in Virginia. Smith later indicated that he was only trying to investigate how his daughter was sexually assaulted in her school’s gender-neutral restroom.  

To make matters worse, some parents even started reporting that their children were getting vaccinated at school for bribes of pizza, such as Maribel Duarte’s 13-year-old son who attends the Barack Obama Global Prep Academy. A similar incident happened to Jennifer Ravain from Louisiana, when her 16-year-old son came home from school with a vaccination card without her consent or permission. Maine’s own attorney Ron Jenkins told a crowd of Maine Stands Up members that he has been approach with at least one such case, and fully expects more to come.  

Further sowing division, the teacher’s union took steps last year including LD 864, “An act to protect teacher’s privacy while delivering remote instruction”. Sponsored by Jan Dodge, the bill passed both houses of legislature, and became law without the governor’s signature. The law imposes fines ranging from $200-$500 for distributing any recorded session without permission. Maine’s first project on the other hand believes that the only legislative solution is the separation of school and state. 

One local resident of Bowdoin Maine, who wishes to remain anonymous, sat down with the Maine Anchor to share with us his story. “Without getting into every detail”, explains our source, “it all started when I just wanted to do something nice for the community. I could see the fear and the pain all around me, and I only wanted to help”. Our respondent continues, “I contacted the Bowdoin central school and offered a gift of toys for the kids. Their staff told me they just practiced “random acts of kindness”, and my gesture was in perfect time.  Unfortunately, my random kindness was met with local deputies visiting my house later in the day. Obviously, they were responding to the false accusations made by the school against me.” 

If the war against parents and concerned citizens were not clear enough, the NSBA would soon draw a line in the sand. In September of 2021, the National School Boards Association asked President Biden to form a “task force” consisting of the FBI to investigate parents who are protesting at school board meetings, and even calling them, “domestic terrorists”. In other words, per NSBA, you are the enemy! You are the criminal for attending school board meetings, and you are the delinquent for getting upset. You are the threat for speaking your mind, and you will be punished for making board members feel “uncomfortable”. That was the message parents got, and that was the message this administration’s FBI acted upon. Days after the NSBA letter, Attorney General Merrick Garland sent a memo directing the FBI to mobilize in support of local education officials.  

 Charlotte Iserbyt, former senior policy adviser to the department of education, and author of “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”, may have said it best when this author had the privilege of speaking with her in the summer of 2021. Her book explains how gradual changes in the American public school system seek to eradicate a child’s parental influences and transform him or her into a member of the proletariat in preparation for a future socialist-collectivist world. When asked who was behind all this, and what was this “invisible” hand seemingly moving events as they are? Without hesitating for even a second, Charlotte exclaimed… Satan! Sadly, Charlotte passed away on Feb 8 2022, and is now resting with God in heaven. Here at the Maine Anchor, we strongly encourage you to discover her life’s work, so perhaps you too may be empowered with the truth.  

-Anna Nimos


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