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by | Mar 4, 2022 | Journalism

The Maine Anchor is a new platform of investigative Journalism based in Maine, USA. It is run largely by a group of volunteers whose main goal is to truthfully report on key issues which impact each and every one of our fellow Americans. Our immediate concerns are mask safety, experimental genetic technology, medical freedom, Maine energy and environmental topics and much more. 

Who are We? The Maine Anchor is non – partisan as a whole, and our contributors Identify as Democrat, Republican, Green Party, and Independent. (Our Libertarian contributors neither confirm nor deny any political affiliation, and will shoot you if you ask.) Among the ranks of our newspaper and growing community are nurses, doctors, lawyers, citizens, nationals, granola people, radical liberals (as well as the regular kind), gun Nuts, farmers, holistic practitioners, and people of many trades and walks of life. 

The binding tie is that we all love and appreciate our country and communities. We may often disagree on many matters, but these days all of us are completely on the same page in regard to issues which none of us can avoid the impact of. The issues that we all share the brunt of, well, we must discuss them openly and with transparency no matter how sensitive the topic. We do not sugar coat.

Journalism is a community service, and our group was born out of heartfelt service towards community. Throughout the coming publications by our team, we want to invite our readers to take a step back from all the noise and try to make some sense of all of this unfolding chaos.

We want to bring you the most important news first. In other words, the absolute most relevant information which matters to us all, right now.  While we may use some satire and humor to get our stories and viewpoints across, much of what we discuss is of grave concern. Reporting stories on these subjects is not easy. 

Please keep in mind, many of us and many people who we know have been doing research for years on much of the content we are planning. In this introductory first edition, we will state our case, so to speak. We have trusted sources and key voices of qualified individuals on record, and what they have to say is not to be taken lightly. 

What many of us have found when researching Covid-19 related events is shocking; especially when it comes to matters of the vaccines. It seems that much of the data has been manipulated, hidden, not reported at all, even censored out. There is information out there which says the vaccines are all safe so just go get them. There is also information saying the opposite. Well, I for one am not getting in line to go get shot up with the first human trial of a gene altering substance until I at least have some basic info. For instance: What is in it?  Can I still acquire and transmit the coronavirus of 2019? Are there any side effects and where is the information on injuries associated with the shot? Does it affect my immune system positively or negatively? Has anyone died from it? You know, the basics. Unless every single scientist or doctor I hear is saying, “Heck Yeah” or “Heck No” right where every one of the “Heck Yeah’s” and the “Heck No’s” belong to every for each of those questions, it’s going to be a big “Hell No” from me and my family. 

Loads of celebrities and news anchors seem to think the jabs are great. Others are losing their careers and having their licenses revoked for not falling in line. Many doctors will agree and/or disagree that the jab is right for you. Well, here’s the problem with that: this is not a tube of toothpaste. This is an experimental DARPA Hydrogel with unknown efficacy or safety. 

Here is a question I would very much like to know the answer to: Which official sources can I go to get some good information on these shots, and how do I know if the information I get from there or anywhere else is accurate?

This is why we started a newspaper: none of us knew where in the heck to find the truth of all of this information. So, with all of that being said, we conclude this introduction to our fun and exciting, as well as informative newspaper, with the kind gesture of passing along what we find. The Truth is non – partisan. So we will look at many parties involved, and see who is giving it to us straight.  -MAC


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