Official Oppression and Racketeering: Staying in a Town near you? Not if you stand up and say no.

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On July 19th 2023 A.D, an assembly of people visited the SHERIFF’S department that occupies Androscoggin County, on 2 Turner Street Auburn, Maine State, and on the sidewalk near an entrance to this building, We spoke with the alleged SHERIFF, the man commonly called Eric G. Samson, herein referred to as Eric. Why do I say alleged SHERIFF? Why am I capitalizing SHERIFF? What were we there to speak with Eric about? What is a Sheriff supposed to be, and where did Sheriffs come from? What is official oppression and racketeering?

Why I say alleged SHERIFF: The Officers of the United States, including SHERIFFS, may be required (supposedly) to swear or affirm oaths. For SHERIFFS, they are expected to swear or affirm an oath to the State of Maine and Federal Constitution and a SHERIFF’S oath of office. At this point in time I am not aware of any evidence regarding the existence of Eric’s oath of office. Perhaps there is one, I don’t know. If there is an oath, it must be analyzed to ascertain if it is a valid oath. Yesterday, on video, when the man with a common calling of Von stated “…You took an oath…” to Eric while conversing with him, I do not recall seeing Eric clearly confirm or deny the existence of an oath. If Eric has been operating as a SHERIFF on Maine soil without an oath of office, or, without a valid oath of office, has he been impersonating an Officer of the United States? If so, has Eric held office of any kind?

Why I capitalize SHERIFF when I refer to Eric: The general use of names typed or written in all capital letters is meant to convey the fact that the named entity is either a corporation or the estate of a deceased person. Look for the capitalized legal name on letterheads and legal documents, licenses and on gravestones. It is a fact that, ultimately, the men and women who act as SHERIFFS, POLICE, and TROOPERS are mercenary persons, contractors, that are employed by incorporated entities. All one has to do is to visit Dun and Bradstreet ( and search the legal name of the entity in question, or search with a D-U-N-S number to check, if you have such an alleged number. Departments of the STATE OF MAINE and the U.S. you would never expect to be registered corporations with D-U-N-S numbers will show up, such as the U.S DOJ. The COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPARTMENTS/OFFICES are incorporated offices, such as the United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association Inc.. Eric the man receives commercial paper, (Fed notes) or a voucher, to act as a person called a SHERIFF. Eric by definition is a mercenary contractor, a private contractor working for a service corporation. This comes with liabilities for actions that may cause harm or damage to people, men and women and children living in community.

What we wanted to speak to Eric about: The man commonly called Eric, who at times may act as a SHERIFF, is in severe jeopardy from a liability perspective. This is something Eric must comprehend and understand. Eric proclaims to be under the impression that because someone who claims to be a Judge signed a piece of paper, he has to enforce it. This is commonly called the “just following orders excuse.” This excuse has never been valid in the past, and will not be valid in the future. Illegal orders (the pertinent forced entry and detainer law is suspended) from a possibly faux authority (who are Jennifer and Sarah? Are they even Judges? WARNING: CRISIS ON MAINE, ILLEGAL FORECLOSURES | The Maine Anchor) regarding a fictional situation (the foreclosure never happened) do not make a binding contract. Eric demonstrated a desire to excuse his freewill to commit a crime by passing the buck. Eric cannot claim ignorance, as he has been shown from the statutes, the relevant court transcript and the highest-contract for the State, the 1820 Maine Constitution, that this situation is wrong, illegal, and treasonous. Eric is used to following the corporate directive, his indoctrination and programming, rather than his God given conscience. Eric may believe that, as before, the system will protect him from the consequences of criminal actions. It is generally seen that the three branches of government, legislator, judiciary, and executive will “hot-potato” responsibility off on each other, and allow people to be done harm by deprivation of remedy in the meantime. These aforementioned branches will also wash each other’s hands, and this often goes deeper than typically expected political corruption; however this handwashing also extends to the oaths taken by members of cults in society. Members of these different fraternities take oaths upon themselves and their bloodlines, that, if broken, lead to curses, and in the minds of their members give them legal rights to kill a traitor, depending on the situation’s severity. Well, the populace is getting informed.

What is a Sheriff?: “The Office of Sheriff is one of the most familiar and most useful to be found in the
history of English institutions. With the single exception of kingship, no secular dignity now
known to English-speaking people is older.” W. A. Morris, the Medieval English Sheriff to
1300, p. 1 (Manchester University Press, 1927).”

A Sheriff, or Shire-Reeve, was a public official tasked with legal responsibilities and administrative duties within a jurisdiction, notably a shire, or county. This included managing the general safety of the area, rounding up wandering livestock, enforcing law and order, managing jails, serving notice, and for a time, collecting taxes on behalf of a king. In America, genuine Sheriffs were elected to their office by the County Assembly, made up of people, men and women at least 21 years of age. These Sheriffs are the highest peace-keeping and law (common law, not commercial, see T16-402 Maine Revised Statutes) enforcement officials on the land, their respective County. American Sheriffs can deputize State Citizens to aid them in their duties, such as forming a posse.

The SHERIFFS of the U.S are voted into their public office as corporate officers by Federal Citizen voters, and enforce corporate rules given the force of law on behalf of for-profit corporations involved in commercial activity. These SHERIFFS operate in the color of the general duties of a legitimate Sheriff, but their duties are related to commercial activity. The activities of SHERIFFS includes the theft of homes from people through threat of force, on behalf of financial institutions that have not been done harm, but did do harm, and commit theft by way of fraud on people by misrepresenting a securities contract as an actual loan to the alleged debtor party. This theft of homes and property, and the wider extortion racket being perpetuated under color of law and through force of arms is at a root of why “Law Enforcement” can be called Pirates or Highwaymen. It could actually be said that the entire de facto “government system” is a racketeering operation.

Official Oppression and Racketeering:

T-17A MAINE CRIMINAL CODE, part 2, C25, §608 Official Oppression:

“1.  A person is guilty of official oppression if, being a public servant and acting with the intention to benefit himself or another or to harm another, he knowingly commits an unauthorized act which purports to be an act of his office, or knowingly refrains from performing a duty imposed on him by law or clearly inherent in the nature of his office.  

[PL 1975, c. 499, §1 (NEW).]

2.  Official oppression is a Class E crime.  

[PL 1975, c. 499, §1 (NEW).]


PL 1975, c. 499, §1 (NEW).”

See also: 18-USC 241 and 242.

Racketeering is a type of organized crime in which the persons set up a coercive, fraudulent, extortionary, or otherwise illegal coordinated scheme or operation (a “racket”) to repeatedly or consistently collect a profit. Racketeering can include the act of acquiring a business (or property) through illegal activity, operating a business with illegally-derived income, or using a business to commit illegal acts.

So, Eric, what business are you involved in, as an acting SHERIFF? How about you, Jennifer and Sarah? Eric, you are not a genuine Sheriff elected into a public office by The People. That Wednesday morning, you made it perfectly clear you do not work for people, despite making a tactical mistake by claiming to do so on video. Actions speak louder then words. You work for a corporation, and you bow to administrative procedure. By your own words and through your action will you display that you put company rules and process in importance above your alleged oath, the Constitutional contract, goodness, justice, truth, love, and life of your fellowman. How? The man commonly called Von is handicapped and suffering muscular dystrophy. But Eric self-evidently views company process and corporate revenue as of more importance then the life of a man, as Eric affirmed that he “had to” send his Deputies out to evict Von, despite knowing there was no hearing, as we stopped the hearing from happening, and the foreclosure was illegal/never happened legally or lawfully. The People assembled and invoked the paramount Contract over The State’s claim of legitimacy to suspend the law. The alleged Judges, Jennifer Archer and Sarah Churchill, of the corporate judiciary, are committing crimes and treason through official oppression, and may be involved in a conspiracy against The People and Maine State, along with other officers/BAR members, and hoping that Eric, as a corporate enforcer, will go along with the plan as violent enforcement.

If the STATE OF MAINE has no contract, or will not understand the 1820 A.D Constitutional contract, it holds no legitimacy to exist and operate on Mainer soil to extort and harm Mainers. People, wake up. This is tyranny and terrorism on our soil forced on us by corporations and their animators for the purposes of revenue collection. Start taking this as a deadly serious situation, people are being harmed by a criminal syndicate masquerading as a government. Reach out to Maine Stands Up, be willing to take action, and we can begin assembling on each of the 16 Counties of Maine, to educate, expose, and save our State from evil actors! If we all stood, they could not stop us from being free to pursue life and happiness to feed their avarice and lust for pretend power.

-Without Prejudice, without recourse, T. Jas. J AKA: The Mad Mainer


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  1. Leon Bard

    According to the Maine Constitution, the judges are required to have an oath and a commission. None of our state court “judges” have a commission, which means they are just Administrative Hearing Officers and do not possess the power of a judge. If I remember correctly you have to go to the Secretary of State’s office at the old school building and request the judge’s oaths. People from Maine to California are getting ready to file claims against their insurance companies. Three claims and they are uninsurable and out of business. Somebody needs to inform these pretend public servants that if they signed an oath to the corporation that it no longer exists because the parent corporation UNITED STATES INC. has been declared bankrupt and been dissolved. I witnessed the testimony of a deputy sheriff at a trespassing trial a few years ago. When the homeowner asked the deputy if he was upholding his rights, the deputy had a bad case of the stutters, eventually he was able to spit out “that he was upholding the rights of the bank”. Where is that written in the constitution? When you see “To Protect And Serve” on a cruiser, it really means that their job is to protect the corporation from “We The People”. Glad to see people are waking up!!

  2. Leon Bard

  3. Stephen Jarman

    This man, who is allegedly the sheriff on Androscoggin county, is the highest ranking authority of the county and doesn’t know or acknowledge his ability to return an unlawfully served order by a justice as has been painstakingly noticed as a remonstrance by Von. as the author has stated and is correct, the sheer if’s ‘boss’ aka handler does not follow The Maine Constitution, and thereby has exceeded his authority for the reason of his J.O.B….all of The People, it is time to assemble on our counties, and oversee our employees and start their education of the ignorant judicial and law enforcement officers. We, most of us, did not get taught any common law, or rights, and what, as Americans, we’re owed.


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