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I risk my safety and well-being to expose criminal activity on Maine state, please read my words:

 Although knowledge of this situation amongst the general populace is growing, so many people on Maine are unaware of a current crisis being perpetrated by the supposed Judiciary, enforced by the Executive, in violation of the Legislation regarding it: Illegal foreclosures. The alleged government is facilitating the theft of people’s homes by way of fraud and through force of arms. On Androscoggin County, the man who is acting as SHERIFF “Eric G. Samson” is fully aware of the situation, having been served notice by letter and verbally multiple times. This “man” (using the term a loosely as possible) has been given due notice that these enforcements are illegal, even if just by the STATE OF MAINE statutes alone. This is ignoring all the procedural violations that may have been done by the Court and its Officers, a notable court being the Lewiston District Court.

This fraud is Administrated in part by “Judges.” One such alleged Judge commonly called Jennifer Archer facilitated an illegal foreclosure proceeding on 428 Merrow road on Auburn, Androscoggin County. Alleged Judge Sarah Churchill has signed off on a forced entry and detainer for 428 Merrow road on Auburn Maine, despite it being illegal to do so as no evidence of the mortgage or the note with the endorsement has been presented in this case; this is on top of the fact that an assembly of The People suspended the pertinent statute regarding forced entry and detainer. The alleged acting SHERIFF, the man commonly called Eric, was purported as saying something unto the like of ‘I’m three years away from retirement, so I’m going to do what I’m told.’ At the time of the writing of this letter, we have no evidence that Eric has an oath of office. If this is the case, Eric is not an acting SHERIFF, and may have been impersonating an officer.

 In order to foreclose on a property (note I did not say land) the claimant must be the holder in due course of the mortgage with the note with the endorsements and present evidence of the existence of such. Excerpt from MAINE revised statutes, Title 14-6321- “ In order to state a claim for foreclosure upon which relief can be granted, the complaint must contain a certification of proof of ownership of the mortgage note. The mortgagee shall certify proof of ownership of the mortgage note and produce evidence of the mortgage note, mortgage and all assignments and endorsements of the mortgage note and mortgage. ” Translated, in order to lay claim to a mortgaged property, the claim must be backed by the possession of the genuine documents with wet-ink signatures. Genuine does not mean original or original copy. What has been happening is that foreclosures are being initiated and facilitated without evidence of the mortgage or the note with the endorsement.

 It appears that financial institutions, such as CARRINGTON MORTGAGE SERVICES LLC, a dead corporate fiction being represented by a party that has no evidence of claim on the property at all, being the man who at times is called John Ney Sr. Esq., are pressing claims with alleged copies of the pertinent documents that they get from the County. The copy may be a mortgage, a note, with a copied signature, but is not the. If anyone can initiate such actions as foreclosures with a copy, or a copy of a copied copy, rather than the genuine document, the same property could be sold and resold, bifurcated and re-packaged in order to commit securities fraud on unsuspecting victims. Why? Paper profits. But of course, our Dear Judges, Attorneys and Sheriff’s, “our public servants,” would certainly not be involved in intercourse with Institutions, facilitating securities fraud, profiteering off of theft from The People. Perish the thought! And I’m certain if we took a closer look at transactions and funds moving, that the BAR members (including acting Judges) have no conflict of interest regarding these thefts of property, of course not. The Judges and Attorneys, being upstanding members of society, should not be getting cuts of the action, right?

 One way to detect fraud in the factum regarding filings is to look carefully at the paperwork, and see if the initial discussion of “mortgage” is called a mortgage, then afterwards on the document called the mortgage, “the” now referring to a mortgage within the confines of that document. What mortgage is this “a mortgage” being talked about on the document that mentions it? Excellent question, term not defined, and so there is no valid contract found. You, the man or woman acting as an accommodating party to a commercial entity (Transmitting Utility) named on the document, are presuming that the document concerns a genuine mortgage pertaining to your alleged agreement as an authorized representative. Assumption, presumption and hearsay, oh my.

 Why should it be so difficult for these institutions to present evidence of the mortgage and the note with the endorsement? One has to ask, do genuine documents even exist? If they do not, why are “payments” being tendered on a mortgage that does not exist? Why would genuine mortgages and notes not exist anymore? If the genuine documents were destroyed, I at this time have no logical explanation as to why officers of these institutions thought this would be a good idea, but there must be a reason, and I would bet it is slimy. Perhaps it may have been part of a conspiracy to destroy evidence and avoid liability, yet this does not seem to be a logical manner to attain this goal either. It may be that the genuine notes are immediately sent off to the U.S. Treasury Department for monetization and are not available. Regardless, instead of simply holding the genuine documents, these entities and actors instead destroy them or make the genuine documents otherwise inaccessible, and then commit securities fraud by pushing foreclosures and collecting “payments” without being the holder in due course of the genuine documents. Something went on behind the scenes, perhaps it was a screw up, but it sure would be a massive one.

 On Wednesday June 21st 2023 A.D, it is a fact that We the People assembled at the Lewiston District Courthouse and in Courtroom 2 on the second-floor, there we publicly and lawfully invoked Article 1 subsection 13 of The State of Maine Constitution (1820 A.D) and suspended the forceful entry and removal law regarding foreclosures. It is a fact that we have 20+ witnesses that can attest to this reality, plus the approximately 60 additional people that were present in the room that day. The matter We were there to manage that day was associated with an illegal foreclosure on 428 Merrow road on Auburn, Androscoggin County. The acting Judge, a woman commonly called Sarah Churchill, threatened contempt of court and jail-time, but subsequently fled the courtroom, calling on her security mercenaries (Marshalls) to clear the room. Later, the fact that the Constitution was invoked was stated directly on Court paperwork. If Sheriff’s and their Deputies continue to facilitate illegal foreclosures by way of violence, they are committing crimes against The People, and treason. Will they? I would be shocked if at least some do not “follow orders” like good little criminal henchmen of the Legal Industry. But We are letting The People know. This law cannot be put back in place until the legislator meets together, and the authority of the legislator is The People. This means the Executive and Judiciary would be acting even more outside the bounds of their office (if their office exists) by continuing the illegal foreclosures.

 What gives us this authority, as The People? This is how the American system was supposed to run and work. Read Article 1 of the 1820 Maine Constitution. Government is created by and for the benefit of The People. How is theft by way of fraud and force of arms, on the behalf of corporations, of benefit to people? Every single STATE OF “STATE” franchise corporation (STATE OF MAINE) has a statute wherein it is clearly stated that ‘the Judiciary/Courts shall/must take notice/judicial notice of the common law.’ For the STATE OF MAINE corporations, this is found at Title 16-402. The STATES have this statute in place because American Common Law is the law of the land. It is only the common law right to contract that allows these incorporated entities to even exist and operate with any semblance of legality at all. When a contract is valid, it supersedes the common law. The key word being valid. The Constitutions are common law contracts that shackle the inevitable malfeasance of government actors and hinder the stupidity of people who seek to hand more power to their Government. The Constitutions cannot abridge/infringe the obligation of contracts, they themselves are contracts, and so if they did attack the right to contract, Constitutions would be void by their own nature.

 In order for a contract to be valid, all parties must enter into the contract knowingly, willingly, intentionally, and with full disclosure of all material facts pertinent to the terms and conditions of the contract. Fraud voids a contract from inception. Since this is a fact, can it be claimed that anyone has entered into a valid legal contract? Did you comprehend everything on that page? Every word, term, boxed text, symbol, or number? Were you given a key or guide of terms defined? Then how can you understand any contract you may have signed? The system operates on your consent to their fraud, and almost never fails to deploy tyranny when fraud is discovered. People, please comprehend the importance of this message, and stand up, and ask the uncomfortable questions to the Sheriffs. Without men willing to act as thugs and enforcers the BAR cannot facilitate its scams of stealing real-property.

These illegal foreclosures may be seen as official oppression under color of law, T-17A MAINE CRIMINAL CODE, part 2, C25, §608 Official Oppression:

“1.  A person is guilty of official oppression if, being a public servant and acting with the intention to benefit himself or another or to harm another, he knowingly commits an unauthorized act which purports to be an act of his office, or knowingly refrains from performing a duty imposed on him by law or clearly inherent in the nature of his office.  

[PL 1975, c. 499, §1 (NEW).]

2.  Official oppression is a Class E crime.  

[PL 1975, c. 499, §1 (NEW).]


PL 1975, c. 499, §1 (NEW).”

 Tomorrow, this Wednesday, July 19th, is the date where they may deploy violence to steal another home, in this case from a handicapped man. The alleged SHERIFF, having served 48 hours notice almost a month after The People shutdown the law, may act to steal 428 Merrow Road, Auburn, Androscoggin, by 12:00 PM, and collect a check to do so. People, please, stand, stand up, stop putting up with this terrorist activity under color of law, please! Note that to my knowledge, *67 does not work on emergency numbers, but I am unsure how regular contact numbers function in this regard for such things as the SHERIFF’S department. We ask for all the support that may be mustered through The People, and if anyone plans to join us at the property early Wednesday morning, 8:30 or so to visit the Sheriff’s department, keep in mind that armed criminals pretending to be Law Enforcement Officers may be present, these criminals and traitors being called “Sheriffs and Deputies.” Or, any who wish to volunteer to help may arrive prior to 12:00 PM and assemble with us at the property.

Androscoggin County Sheriff’s department:


Lewiston District Courthouse:


Contact info for lawful owner at 428 Merrow Road: (207) 376-5430, published with his permission.

 -Without Prejudice, without recourse, T. Jas. J AKA: The Mad Mainer


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  1. Stephen Jarman

    As you were posting this up, I found the following as content to be added to The Maine Republic Jural Assembling’s Book of Knowledge: “ The corporate “Sheriffs” naturally occupy offices in the “County” Corporations, all operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea — and all being entities of the same kind and status as Dairy Queen, howbeit in the business of providing “governmental services”. this real-life case is making the news, not just writing the news…thanks for bringing this to bear…I ask for more and more to join in to stand up and protest by calling out these Pinkertons on Wednesday before noon…great piece!

  2. Leon Bard

    All foreclosures based on a bank loan are fraudulent. The mortgage contract is void from the beginning because it is without full disclosure. Banks do not loan money. They tell the borrower that they are giving them a loan when in reality the borrower is funding their own loan. In a real law suit the plaintiff has to prove that they were harmed, foreclosure lawsuits never prove that the bank was harmed because the bank never loaned any money in the first place. April of 2013, Gov. LePage was told this: The bank submits the original wet ink promissory note and mortgage to the discount window of the Federal Reserve. The bank receives a borrowing of ten times or more of the face value of the note. This is fractionalization. Then they sell a copy of the mortgage into mortgage backed securities. Then they take another copy of the mortgage and file it into court and steal your house. This is the biggest counterfeiting scheme that you can imagine. It is a Class B Felony. Gov. LePage replied “I know”. Gov. LePage pledged his support but it took two and a half years to get back through his gate keepers. This time he stated “Well I’ve been talking to a banker and he says that it is not important for them to hold the original promissory note. What changed his mind in that two and a half years? The bankers found him a foreclosed home in Boothbay Harbor for half price. He kept it for four years and sold it , doubling his money back. Take a good look at the first page of your mortgage, you will see the term “security instrument” several times. Once you sign it, it then is a security. The law says that a copy of a security is a counterfeit security. Anyone that takes a worthless counterfeit security and converts it to property of value is committing a Class B Felony. So who is on this list? Bank lawyer, court clerk, and let’s not forget the judge. Now you have the sheriffs department involved, ask them if they are familiar with the Nuremberg trials. False arrest and kidnapping gets expensive real fast. Sounds like one heck of a RICO case.

    • tjasj

      Yes, this is good information to supplement that main point. I did not want to overwhelm anyone, but focus on the concept of “illegal foreclosures.” I did not know LePage may have pledged support regarding the fraudulent and fictitious banking system.



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