Thou shalt not deer to kill a King’s dare peasant!

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I was inspired to write this post after seeing some messages regarding “hunting” and that “you need a license.” A man or a woman needs a license to forage? To pull bounty from the land, having been given permission by Nature’s God to exercise dominion in stewardship over the air, land and waters, and the creatures thereof as stewards of God’s realm and as redemptive agents to the Creation? Genesis 1:26; Psalm 115:16. Romans 8:21.

What is a license? A license is permit, or permission from an alleged authority to do that which without license would be illegal or a tort. What authority does The State and its Actors claim to have to regulate We the People and what We do on the land and soil? Where in the ratified contract, the 1820 Maine Constitution, did The People enumerate such power and authority to a government?

Article 1: “SECT. 1. All men are born equally free and independent,
and have certain natural, inherent and unalienable Rights, Natural rights
among which are those of enjoying and defending life and
liberty, acquiring, possessing and protecting property, and of
pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.”

SECT. 2. “All power is inherent in the people; …”

SECT. 13: “‘The laws shall not be suspended but by the Legislator or its authority.” [An assembly of the People is the authority]

So what is “illegal” about sustaining life? Illegal implies contract, a true crime requires a victim. There must be a man, woman or child complainant who has been done harm, by way of injury, or damage to property, or deprivation of rights for an actual crime to be claimed. Contract law is the basis of legality, contract law, when the contract is valid, overrides the Natural Law. Lawful = Victim, illegal = contract.

The way that “the government” corporations (Commonly called the de facto) claim to have a privilege of exercising authority over such activities as hunting and fishing is by assumed contract relating to commercial activity by U.S. Citizen resident persons. You, a man or woman, are presumed by the Officers of the de facto to be one of their Citizens, a civil servant, or, property/cargo (debt slave) of the Federal government. A U.S. Citizen is a civilly dead entity, CIVILITER MORTUUS, see: June 13th 1967 Congressional Record, Vol. 113 part 12, 15641-15646, “A citizen of the United States is a civilly dead entity operating as a co-trustee and co-beneficiary of the PCT, the private constructive, cestui que trust of US Inc. under the 14th Amendment, which upholds the debt of the USA and US Inc. in Section 4.”

A 14th amendment Citizen is a class of Citizen person created by the U.S. Congress. A U.S. Citizen is a resident of the Federal United States, and enfranchised as a surety to prop up the debt of the incorporated United States. A man or woman who may believe themselves to be acting as an American is often ignorantly acting as an accommodating party to this U.S. person, this entity, representing the Federal Franchise with a name is in likeness to your given name. This person (person does not mean man or woman) is under the authority of the Legislator operating out of D.C. The U.S. Legislation applies to commerce and interstate commerce, and the U.S. Congress has no power to delegate its legislative authority to contractors. The codes and mandates of alphabet agencies apply only to Federal Employees, which include U.S. Citizen entities. Your average U.S. Game Warden and Ranger are completely ignorant of information like this, and are operating under an assumption (Unknowingly) that You are an accommodating party to the Federal “person” and therefore subject to all the Statutes, Codes and Policies of the U.S Corp. and its STATE OF “STATE” franchise corporations. Therefore, these Officers presume to have authority over you, to extort you, assault you and kidnap you for non-compliance with what they believe are laws.

These laws are in fact statutes. A statute is an administrative rule, given the force of law by consent of the governed. You allegedly consented to be governed under Federal Authority (And therefore STATE franchise STATE OF MAINE revised statutes) by registering as a Citizen voter for officers in the Municipal and Territorial U.S. Corporations. What does register mean? The etymology of register is this: Regis, regi, regicide, regent: Ruler or King, authority, and ster, from master, magister or magi. So when you register something, you turn it over to your proclaimed authority and master. Your vote can mean prayer, which can mean you are making a supplication, or prayer in Latin, to your Master or Deity. So when you vote for these corporate officers, you are selecting who you want to rule over you. This is a contract. However, you were not given full disclosure, and therefore did not enter into the contract knowingly or intentionally and willfully in a valid manner. So you have a right to rescind, the contract is void from inception for failure to disclose material facts pertinent to the terms and conditions of the agreement relevant to the party, You.

The American people are the actual owners of the land and soil, not the government corporations and their officers. Organizations such as the EPA are not what they claim to be, none of the agencies are. The EPA was set up by Nixon as a front to lay claim (steal by fraud and force) on American lands to use them as collateral for U.S. debts regarding the Fed’s overprinting of notes, and the shrinking American gold supply as other nations traded the Federal claim checks for physical gold. But that is a story for another time.

-Without Prejudice, T. Jas. J AKA: The Mad Mainer.


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