People of Maine, stand up and lead, a letter for the Mainers: I. May 20th 2023

 The Deep state is pure corruption and must be uprooted. All around the world, from France, to China to Brazil, to the several states of the former American union, People are rising up. Mainers, comprehend that Nations shall collapse in a day, but this is not something to fear. We are seeing the collapse happen right now. Are we going to wait like sheep while the rats and vipers continue to profit themselves off of our blood? Our time as Mainers is now, now, stand now! The rats are scrambling, desperate, their propaganda machines are working overtime, less people are believing their deceptions, their plans are not working, they are going to be checkmated. They are desperate, they are afraid, and their resources are spread thin. The DOJ, FBI, ATF and the CIA, none of which are American or work for you, are all under-fire right now. Their house of troubles is divided against itself as an entity. This is the great awakening, and it can be The People’s reset, not the Elite’s Great Reset. And where shall Maine be? Will Maine be forgotten and quiet in the North East corner of the former United states of America? That funny little state where, according to some Texan Americans, they believe we live in igloos and eat lobstah all the time?

 I would rather we live up to our motto, and contrary to the sign on the southern border, this is not “the way life should be,” but “Dirigo!” Dirigo is Latin, and it equates to “I guide” or “I direct.” This is a reference to the North Star, and as one of the northern states, and being the north-eastern most state, Maine is on the frontier physically, and we can be on the frontier spiritually and politically! Let us fulfill the state motto, and direct, or lead, as a shining light in the north, our fellow sleeping states of the fallen Union! Yes, the Union is dead, our ancestors failed to keep the Republic. The lawful government of the American People has been in interregnum for over 160 years, replaced like unto a cuckoo bird. The bones are long since dry, but we can learn from the past. The idea, the notion, behind what became the United States of America, was the prototype for the best government seen on Earth. There is one possible exception: The Nation of Israel in the time of the judges, when they were Kingless and all the families actually owned their land for generations. But Israel did not have refrigeration or Needhams, so there, take that.

 In the time of the judges, such as Deborah and Samson, the Israelites actually lived in an-archy, an, arch, no arche, no regis, their Nation had no Kingship by a mortal. This does not mean no laws, and does not equate to chaos. It means no autocratic authoritarian dictating your life. Everyone kept the laws, and appointed judges handled matters family heads and community elders could not. Israel gave liberty up to be like the Nations around them, and their first legislator, or executive I suppose, King Saul, screwed up. Thus began the pattern of bad, and this ended up culminating with Roman oppression just to keep a semblance of order in Judea. Father and the Prophet Samuel wept. Ultimately, we cannot trust in flesh, or the Princes of men, in whom there is no salvation, to do such is to bring a curse upon yourself. This being relative, we are not look to mortal leaders more then or instead of God and His ways, mankind are only imagers. Is is true, however, that any People who keep The Laws, Natural Law, or the two cardinal laws, will prosper organically: Love and Honor the Universal Sovereign with your flesh, soul and spirit, and love thy fellowman as yourself.

Even God won’t stop you from drinking a Big-Gulp every single day, even though He could, unlike some mortal Princes who seek to micromanage their perceived subjects under the guise of “the greater good.” What is a “greater good?” I’ve never seen one, but it sounds like mankind’s arbitrary opinion and smells like hubris. Hubris smells like burnt hair and eggs, shaken not stirred with how shame feels. The greater good of whom…for what? Protect and serve whom…or what?! In reality, the Politicians are seeing how far they can push you, as a frog (Who may be gay, I forgot to ask) in a pot where the water slowly heats up. A step at a time, a compromise here, you ignoring some of their criminality there, and then, not suddenly but seemingly so, you are very much a slave, or dead. I don’t have time to be dead, I’m too busy.

 The men who shot their oppressors with large caliber flint-lock rifles should be spinning in their graves over a tenth of what Americans tolerate in peaceful sufferance on a daily basis. Sure, a swath of the Founding Fathers may have been a bunch of Attorney’s staging a coup on George III, intending to establish their own fiefdom, but meh. Do you honestly think Button Gwinnett (He signed the Declaration) or, even later, Andrew Jackson, (slapped “it” on the table against the banksters) would hesitate to challenge less fit Herbert the pervert…I mean, the Biden, to a duel? Or heels up (allegedly) Harris? Honestly, if we brought back mutual combat or dueling, the crypt-keepers, Edgar the bug lookin’ creeps, and Hutt gangsters in U.S. Congress and Senate could get cleaned out in a couple days, a travesty to be sure, yes, yes. Such a shame. (…Cartwheels out of the room…)

 -Without Prejudice, T. Jas. J, AKA: The Mad Mainer.


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  1. Stephen Jarman

    More and more reason to assemble…, assemble today, assemble where you are, assemble tomorrow, assemble wherever you go…for your, for my…for our… tribes. Seek out others who have knowledge and simply assemble…Hosea 4:6
    Never forget their attempt to divide and separate us with Covid-con & fear…fear is always in their playbook, it didn’t work, it never will.

  2. Roger V. Tranfaglia

    FEAR yesterday, FIGHT today, WIN tomorrow!
    WHO DARES, WINS!!; The founding motto of the SAS (Special Air Service)


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