People, we must Assemble and stop the lunacy

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The People are the De Jure authority, not the incorporated de facto.

Today I was inspired to write this out after an unexpected conversation on the phone. I’m going to keep it basic, so if I’m scant on details bear with me. To those people who are unaware, the way the American Government was run was through an assembly of The People, notably on a Town scale, County level, and then on a State Level. The People ratified a Common Law contract to institute a government for their benefit, a Constitution. Each State of the Union is a Sovereign Nation in its own right, State herein being defined as the physical State, including the land and soil within a set geographical boundary. These Sovereign States would do business acting as The United States of America, a collection of Constitutional Republics. We are not and never were a Democracy as a Nation, not The United States of America, at least.

The United States is a different entity, operating out of D.C. and the Territorial Land Trusts, like Puerto Rico. The Federal United States is an incorporated entity, and operates as a Legislative Democracy where the U.S. Congress has legislative rule. See UCC 9-307, noting subsection (h), and 28 USC 3002 15(a) for just two references. The United States is also a debtor to the American people, if you did not know, as The People are being used as surety to prop up the U.S. Inc. bankruptcy as acting creditors. Washington D.C, the Inner City of London and the Vatican are all their own Nations. See the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Citizens are persons of the Federal United States. The 14th amendment of the Federal U.S. Constitution is total legalese, FYI. But I digress:

County by County we must assemble as The People and Declare our standing as men and as women, living, breathing, and in charge of the alleged de facto government. The facts of the matter are, it is debatable if We even have a government. What may be the terrifying reality is that there is no sovereign government, there are only for-profit corporations operating on credit and commercial paper (Fed Notes) manned by corporate officers and protected by mercenaries. The local puppeteers of these corporations that are in the business of providing governmental services under a colorable jurisdiction of law, are the Legal-Industry/Society: The people of the BAR associations. Ask yourself, is there any CFO, CEO, Clerk, Administrator, Police Chief or Legislator that would not speak to a member of the BAR (Lawyer or Attorney) regarding legal implications before acting? So who is really in charge of the de facto? Let me ask you something else: A Legislator is paid to write and pass “laws.” (Statutes, really) So, if a Legislator needs to speak to a Lawyer about legal issues, this is a statement that they are unable to read and comprehend law. So why precisely are they writing and voting on laws?! Above the legal system are the private central banking families, of course. The BAR associations see to the administration of plundering You through fraud, threat, duress and coercion. The secondary purpose of BAR associates is the generation of billable hours for their fellow plunderers.

It is not uncommon for Legislators to not even read the laws they pass, I will declare and affirm. People, wake up and realize that “government” is just made up of other people. Please take the time to read Article 1 of the 1820 Maine Constitution at least, The People are the De Jure Authority. We must take charge, self govern, and realize we have the power to break the back of the system without ever firing a shot: Don’t comply, or stop signing paperwork, live outside the system. We can build our own system. I’m spreading the word for The People to begin assembling, and it may be prudent for coordination’s sake, to work through Maine Stands Up. Maine Stands Up has many people looking for likeminded people County by County, we just need to pull it together. The details? We are working on a general assembly handbook for guiding principles. I say that it may be prudent for people to begin learning about American Common Law and American Grand Jury Process, and Common Law Courts. The reins must be held by sanity again.

As I began writing this, what may have been a military helicopter flew over my domicile, I did not get a good look at is vibrated the countryside, but it may have been a S-70i, I’m not sure. Has anyone else noticed the continuous movement of military forces in our skies? I have. Things are happening and We need to keep up with the times.

-Without Prejudice, T. Jas. J AKA: The Mad Mainer


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  1. Stephen Jarman

    Timely and apropos as TSHF approaches all over on first world nations. The de facto’s playbook is ages old…create the emergency that makes The People miserable & afraid, Government Actors step in & offers to The People the solution that was created before the emergency was unleashed, The People panic for the solution but the price is a loss of freedoms, the emergency never ends, the solution is continuous, and loss of freedoms is permanent.

  2. Stephen Jarman

    This good written piece on assembling is further encouraged in The Good Book: Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:19-20 KJV…County Assemblies are organizing here and now as they’re the antidote to the incorporated and failed de facto government…let’s fulfill our duty and step into the gap that has been fraudulently usurped and exploited by our employees…there’s lots to do to rebuild this great country from the bottom up!


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