Don’t panic, “they” are going to try again: Fear

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The New World Order is faltering, despite what it may appear like to the masses perception. Their plans, such as the Plandemic of 2020, spoken of years prior, were not as effective in their test-run as they would have wanted. They are not finding as much success in their strategy as they would have hoped. Why? They were resisted by far more people then they might have preferred. Now, a sadly unfortunate number of people did walk down the broad and spacious path to their own destruction, but not enough to make the plans of the enemy easy. So, they are going to try and keep us in fear, and we have seen this over the last couple years, Monkey Pox, murder hornets, unfettered crime and looting, U.S. representatives spending like drunken sailors, everything can work to keep you in fear. Through fear, it is hoped that You shall relinquish your liberty in exchange for what you perceive to be security. Fear locks down your mind, and has a peculiar effect on the penial gland, a subject for another time.

What may be a motivating factor behind the egregious criminality and tyranny of Law Enforcement in general, and as an entity being allowed to continue on? At the same time, why are major cities and States like the STATE OF CALIFORNIA allowing rampant rioting, looting, and crime to go unchecked? And, what is with thousands of homeless drug addicts living on sidewalks, generating a soup of diseases long thought extinct like Typhoid, Smallpox, and Bubonic plague, if such rumors are true? Well there are many factors, I want to focus on a key phrase: Never let a crisis go to waste. These crises, to whatever extent the government is at fault for manufacturing, are meant or used to guide your behavior towards an objective: Acceptance. They are going to continue trying to put you in fear, and to keep you in fear, in order to coerce compliance with their will.

They need and want people to accept their 15 minutes cities, to accept their replacement of flesh and blood Cops with A.I controlled weapon systems in the streetlights, curfews for the Citizens, bio-readers and facial recognition at storefronts, and digital currency systems built on a technology they can have complete control of. “Oh, you said something critical of Gavin to your mom? Well, your account was docked $5 Fedbucks and the milk-cooler at the store won’t open for your bio-account.” “Hm, you did not spend your Universal Basic Income on what we think you should have, this month we will program each currency unit to only be viable for specific purchases.” As a happenstance, the product they allow you to buy happens to be from a company they hold stock in. This is the likeness of where they want everything to go.

They need fear to get you to give them control. Instead, choose to defund them. Cease compliance. Create your own food, water, energy, security, barter, community, wealth preservation. We have the power to pull out of their system. Defund Amazon, defund Walmart, defund the banks. These corporations topple more easily then one would have expected, because their stock price can plummet based on Tweets and headlines, and they overleverage themselves to the hilt. Fund your farmers, buy real food, real food that is not poisonous and devoid of nutrients. Learn how to make the things you like to buy, I have taken up cheesemaking for example. One can also defund the government corporation through non-compliance. They need you to sign away your rights and allow access to your credit, another subject I will touch on later.

-Without Prejudice, T. Jas. J AKA: The Mad Mainer


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  1. Stephen Jarman

    Get heathy, get strong, get off pharma, get ready for action…and most of all, assemble


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