Thoughts and an Adventure in Life and Democracy: the 2023 Version

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Civil Rights, Activism, BREAKING, Letters to the editor, Maine Public Health

The last two weeks, I and many others have participated in our democracy with numerous visits to our State Capitol in Augusta. The purpose was to lobby against LD 1619. The hope and prayers of making a difference and possibly changing at least one Democrat’s heart to vote NO on the extreme abortion expansion of 1619 was strong. The existing abortion law in place for the last 30 or so years already allows for abortion after viability under certain conditions. This existing law now in place is also one of the most permissive and least restrictive in our nation. LDE 1619 is NOT about rendering abortion illegal as some actually believe according to a number of pro choice signs in the hallways of our Capitol. It is about late term abortion if a physician (of whatever character or moral guidance) deems it necessary even up to the moment of a first breath. It is extremely vague and open under the Standards of Care umbrella. LD 1619 is simply not necessary.

Although to our gratitude 4 democrats actually voted NO. In my experience trolling the halls between the Senate and House Chambers, the Hall of Flags or even the outside patio, only two of our Democrat Representatives were willing to share a minute to hear what I had to say. Few Democrat Representatives would even respond to a simple acknowledgement of good morning, afternoon, or evening as they walked past with no eye contact or acknowledgement whatsoever. Not what I expected from elected officials charged with representing ALL us constituents. Not quite what I expected from the party that presented itself as the fighters and defenders of Democracy. Enough said on that.

On the other hand I encountered an astonishing amount of remarkable like-minded people from all walks of life. I recall the prayers and the inspiring unity of common cause grounded in the faith within ALL the various denominations represented. At one point I found myself standing next to a grandmother who was holding a toddler next to two of her daughters with their combined 9 young children all holding various signs urging a NO vote. That is what this gathering was all about, God’s children given as the greatest gift of all to the mother and father. I felt honored to simply be there taking part, observing, and feeling what was present at that moment. The listening of shared life’s experiences through the lens of faith with so many good people was often a moment of sudden unpredictable spine tingling. To experience even the slightest presence of our creator within ALL those present who gathered to fight for the voiceless unborn was astonishing and impossible to describe within limited language. To experience those precious powerful seconds when God throws us a bone for absolutely no discernible reason. What a gift and blessing it was. Made many new friends within an experience that will be held and cherished forever.

I am strongly compelled to mention the many respectful and often inspiring conversations I shared with various Republican Representatives. I find myself extremely grateful and in admiration of their dedication and perseverance in what I viewed as a sadly hostile environment in which they tirelessly advocate for us non-special citizens. They advocate for the values of family, tradition, and for our incredible country that we inherited and that was gifted to ALL of us from the care and sacrifices of our forefathers.

LD 1619 is only one of many numerous ideological radically based bills that are currently being literally pushed through our legislative process into becoming a Maine law. Does the casual Mainer want to be thought of as living in Abortionland instead of Vacationland? Does the casual Mainer even care? Is anyone really paying attention? How about being thought about as a State that is a top of the line radically driven State emulating California, New York, Massachusetts or other severely over the top regressive States? Is that really progress? Is that something to really be proud of? Is that the Maine we inherited or moved into because it was different/safe? Is that what we really want in our State? Imagine abortion upon demand up to the first breath of that baby. LD 1619 would allow that. What does that say about ALL of us as a people? a State? Why is science and biology often misrepresented and ignored to be followed and adhered to only when it’s convenient? Why the unnecessary confusion amongst adults and sadly now our children? What kind of world are our children going to inherit? What kind of world will they unknowingly creat? What is really pulling the strings? Is the bus to hell loading? Will the sign on 95 one day be changed to Welcome to Maine, The Way Life Once Was?

We all have a part to play according to what we have received however big or small.
Whether we want to recognize it or not we are ALL, despite various denominations as well as our numerous differences, connected as a part of the body. We are ALL called to Love one another and to serve one another. Certainly not always easy for any of us. That means All people. Ever wonder why we are here? We are here to learn to Love! That simple. How open are we if we have convinced ourselves that we already know how?

Our world, our Constitution and our Democracy was not meant to be about special interest that divide and separate us ALL. This current administration is leading us toward ways that boggle the mind. The basic foundation of our Nation, Families are being redesigned and slowly destroyed from within. Who or what I should ask is behind all this? We have an opportunity within ALL of us if only we question where have we been, where are we being led and where does our heart really want to go? Look inside…. Our gift to humanity of an instruction manual promises that whatever we seek we will find.

We all have a responsibility. Not my neighbor or yours. ALL of us. Ask for Understanding and WISDOM. Voting unwisely or not voting at all due to stirred emotions/feelings has severe consequences as proven with what’s happening in our times. Who is manipulating those emotions and feelings? How we vote affects ALL of us especially our children who will still be here when we are only a memory. Will we leave them a better world than we received? We are called to individual and united prayerful action to stand up to what is clearly wrong. To reclaim our communities, our State and our Nation from the ravages of encroaching chaos. Opportunity to take back our State is right in front of us if only we act prayerfully and courageously as we take a part however large or small.

Which voice do we hear? Listen to one’s Conscience. Just what is it that we really want? Is it worth standing up for?

May GOD be with you.
In Gratitude,
Reg Champagne


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  1. BA

    I encountered the same attitudes from the Democrats in the State House when we lined the halls in opposition to LD 798 (removing religious and philosophical exemptions for school vaccines) in 2019. I was absolutely shocked and appalled at the outright rudeness of most of the Democrats. If they didn’t completely ignore us, (most would not even return a friendly greeting or smile) they gave a hostile response and ran away. I came many times with my 3 children in tow and we quietly and politely stood in the hallways to show our opposition but they had already made up their minds and had no intention of listening to the will of the people. The stark contrast to the Republicans in the State House made the actions of the Democrats even worse. My children were greeted, given souvenirs and told time after time, “Remember, this is YOUR house”. It was a long drawn out battle that we lost and it left such a horrible taste in my mouth, that I vowed to never return. But we came back for LD 1619, only to find not much has changed. I wish that all Mainers would give a visit to the State House a try and see if they walk away with the same view of our “Representatives” as they had before their visit.


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