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Previous Question:
North Dakota has the lowest electricity price: 10 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) for supply and delivery combined. Hawaii has the highest price for electricity: 44 cents per kWh. Within the continental United States, what state has the highest electricity price?
For the next few days, the answer is “A” Connecticut. The list is in cost rank order (except for California), i.e. as of this writing, Maine has the fourth highest price for Electricity in the continental United States!
A. Connecticut (33 cents per kWh)

B. Massachusetts (32 cents)

C. New Hampshire (30 cents)

D. Maine (29 cents)

E. Rhode Island (28 cents)

F. Vermont (20 cents)

G. California (27 cents)

This week’s question:

On July 1st, the price for electricity is going up. Will this increase make Maine the new Number One in terms of having the highest cost for electricity in the continental United States? If so, should Maine change its State Flag to celebrate? How about a mountain with a windmill on the top with solar panels along I-95 in the foreground? Sorry, I digress. Here is the question:
Why will Mainers be paying more for electricity starting on July 1st?

A. The PUC approved rate hikes for CMP and Versant to cover the impact of inflation on their job of DELIVERING electricity including higher gas and diesel prices, higher wages, and higher prices for wire and equipment.

B. The PUC set a new, higher, standard offer price for SUPPLYING electricity because the very rainy weather in June has curtailed solar voltaic power production.

C. The PUC instructed CMP and Versant to add a new cost line to everyone’s electric bills. That line item is titled “Stranded Cost”. The Stranded Cost is basically a new tax that will raise money to pay for the NEB law passed by the Maine legislature.

D. All of the above

E. Both A and C

F. Both B and C

Randall Poulton


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