Worse Case Scenario

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Journalism, Liberty Tree Maine

If you have been paying attention, you may understand that Maine is facing a potentially dangerous weather situation. The storm tomorrow would be bad at any time, but current circumstances, including chronic deferred maintenance of the grid, supply chain issues (hard to get replacement transformers) and the predicted post storm cold weather, move the situation into the dangerous category. Due to the wind direction, CMP expects massive outages that will take, at best several days, and at worst several weeks, to repair. I think rural Mainers should assume they will be without power for at least a few days. In addition to the normal pre storm preparedness, consider cranking up the heat to 80 deg – better to start with a warm house when the power goes out! If you are on a well, fill the bath tub. Move oft used items from the refrigerator to a cooler (this will limit opening the refrig door). Get extra gas for generator. Buckle-up, this may be a bad one. Merry Christmas

Randall Poulton


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