Question of the Week 15

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Journalism, Question of the Day, Question Of the Week

Last week’s question:

For many years, Maine Yankee in Wiscassett was Maine’s electrical generator with the highest capacity (860 Mega Watts). Maine Yankee closed in 1997. Today, what active Maine generator holds the distinction of having the highest capacity? 

The answer is “A” – Wyman Station Unit #4 on Cousin’s Island. Wyman burns #6 oil and is rated at 610 MW. Generally, Wyman only comes on line to provide “peaking power”. With the natural gas shortage, that may change. The ratings for each generator are listed below.

A. Wyman Station Unit 4 located on Cousin’s Island = 610 MW

B. Maine Independence Station located in Veazie is one of Maine’s largest natural gas fired generator and is rated at 550 MW 

C. McKay Station located at Ripogenus Dam is Maine’s largest hydropower plant and is rated at 136 MW

D. Kibby Ridge Windfarm located in Eustis is the largest wind farm in New England and is rated at 132 MW

E. NextEra’s 500-acre solar farm located in Farmington is the largest solar farm in New England and is rated at 77 MW

This week’s question:

Next week, Mainers’ will use “ranked choice voting” to pick who will represent Maine in congress. How many States use RCV to select their representatives to Congress? A. All 54 States now use RCV

B. Maine is the only state that uses RCV

C. Maine, Massachusetts and Alaska are the only states that use RCV

D. Maine is one of nine states that use RCV

E. Maine is one of only two states that use RCV

Bonus Question: Congress has 535 members (435 Representatives plus 100 Senators). In total, how many members of Congress are elected by RCV.

A. All 535

B. Twenty-two

C. Seven

D. Eight

E. Twenty-oneRandall Poulton


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