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Some people are better in handling power than others. Janet Mills is not one of them. For 16 months, she extended emergency powers and denied the legislature the opportunity to do their jobs. Mills issued 98 executive orders under her declared “State of Emergency.” She picked winners and losers.

Janet Mills closed mom and pop stores, while allowing Walmart to stay open. Abortion clinics stayed open while Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups got shut down. Our elderly perished, alone, in nursing homes, crying through the glass. Our children have been forever changed with the fear factor drummed into their heads by endless government propaganda fueled by Janet Mills and her administration.

We knew early on the overwhelming majority of children were at slim risk of serious harm from C-19, yet schools were shuttered and faces were covered in Maine, while in Florida schools stayed open.

The moment C-19 was politicized, trust went out the window, quickly replaced with control-hungry fear-mongering politicians crying “follow the science.”

Turns out, the so called science was wrong, but few dare admit it to this day.

No, Janet Mills does not deserve another term in Augusta.

-Paula Sutton


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