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by | Jun 6, 2022 | Inspirational, Journalism, Representatives

We hold these truths to be self evident that unalienable rights indeed come from God. For God alone created the design, but man has replaced that love for God with the love for creation itself. And in this lust for serving ourselves, and amassing our fortune we have been so deceived.

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Perhaps we have forgotten the lesson that Jesus spoke of when He warned of laying treasures here on earth where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. On the contrary wherever is your heart, so there will also be your treasure. And now as we watch Humpty Dumpty fall, we all are presented with a choice. Do we continue to be deceived and attempt to save ourselves, or do we find our Savior who has already formed straight paths? Our founders warned against the two party system, and also knew the sinful nature of man. As any human body needs all of it’s members to function, then so too does any cohesive system of government. Sure one may survive without a leg or an arm, but again if that leg has a mind on its own and leads you over the cliff, then surely you are better off without it.
In his farewell address George Washington stated and warned that the two-party system would be the destruction of America. Could we be witnessing this right now? Although the solutions are usually never quite so simple, perhaps the transistions away from a two-party system could indeed be so. Candidate for House District 98, Guy Lebida suggested to this reporter that, “If parties could simply start by intermingling seating arrangements, then just maybe folks could start at playing nice up there.” Lebida concluded with a chuckle, “There you see, I am not only a problem, sometimes I can be problem solver too.”

-Anna Nimos


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