Stay In The Light

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Inspirational

Keep your head in these trying times, but also, please, remember to keep your heart. Do not become hardened by the painful truths which are being uncovered almost daily. Do not let fear of cold, of hunger, of economic upheaval, of war, of death, enter into your heart and take your light. While we share many hard truths in our work, we especially want to share faith – based and spiritual minded content somewhere in between the sad and scary stuff. We want to encourage our readers to hold the peace and comfort of knowing that the World is full of wonderful people. Us Mainers all remember the ice storm of 1998. We got through it by reaching out to our Community asking for help, and offering service. As our Community grows, we want to encourage all who pass by or stop in, no  matter your religious or political affiliation, to stop a moment and offer a simple Prayer of “Thank You.” Consider for a moment that God is real, that Faith truly does have the power to move mountains. Trust that now, in this moment, you may find the faith in your heart that you need to make it through this day, this moment, this world; ask God, the Universe, Holy Spirit, your Higher Power, whatever word you choose to associate; to give you correct discernment and encouragement. Offer up all that you are struggling with in your heart, to your future self, your future family, your future community.  

–  The Maine Anchor Staff


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