Smoke Screens: Public View Diverted From Covid Criminals to Ukraine.

by | Mar 15, 2022 | World Legal Action

Last Year, the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial had taken over headlines and news stations around the globe. Moment by moment we were given updates live from inside the courtroom. Meanwhile, and at the same time, the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial was taking place right in the middle of Manhattan but was largely ignored by many news outlets. Time and again, the magicians of media always seem to distract our attention away from the real story just when things are heating up. Recently, this happened again with German Attorney Reiner Fuellmich. Fuellmich has been gathering mounting evidence, along with other applicants, to state his case accusing key players in the covid-19 power grab of the crimes listed below. As if on cue, a slew of fact checkers came out bickering over details regarding a video which depicts a mock trial by Fuellmich. A mock trial is not a real trial before a judge, and jury, but a depiction, and preparation for an anticipated trial itself. Despite the trial having no apparent teeth to it’s function, the “fact checkers” conveniently failed to mention Fuellmich’s convincing evidence, or make any suggestion supporting his alternative view. Just as anyone else today challenging the main stream narrative, most “fact checks” we found only aimed to discredit Fuellmich and pin the label “conspiracy theorist”. We urge our readers to think for themselves, do their own homework, and don’t take our word for anything. 

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