Flu Vaccine Was for Wrong Strain, Again

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Fort Fairfield Journal, Maine Public Health

Little to no Protection offered from this year’s vaccine against the current flu virus

By:  David Deschesne

The Maine Center for Disease Control has announced that the flu vaccine that was administered this year was for the wrong strain of flu.  The currently active flu virus is a completely different strain than the one the vaccine was prepared for.  However, the CDC is still running marketing and product placement propaganda for the flu vaccine manufacturers by suggesting people still get the ineffective vaccine so the vaccine providers will not show a loss on their balance sheets at the end of the year.

The cases of flu in Maine are triple what they were last year at this time, due to the failure of the vaccine industry to accurately guess which strain of flu virus would be active.  That guessing game traditionally takes place at least a full year prior to the flu season in order to give the manufacturers enough time to manufacture the vaccine batches.  However, with thousands of potential strains of flu viruses to choose from, that guessing game usually ends up with a dud vaccine.

Coupled with the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine are the potential life-changing complications that can result from getting the vaccine.  One of the most severe reactions of getting a flu shot is Gullian Barre Syndrome—a situation where the body’s immune system attacks its own nervous system resulting in partial to full body paralysis.  A Presque Isle man is currently recovering from this full body paralysis that has been attributed to this year’s flu vaccine—ironically, a vaccine that offered him absolutely no protection from this year’s flu virus.

In addition to the potential for full body paralysis, flu shots in general have been shown to  cause autism due to the addition of the neurotoxin, mercury (trade name: Thimerosal) added in to the vaccine to keep bacteria from growing in it.  Mercury has an adverse affect on the brain ranging from the shaving off of a few IQ points all the way to full blown autism.  These dangers and others are why many Mainers have opted out of the flu vaccine and have requested waivers for their children in public school because the risks of complications far outweigh the limited and sketchy at best benefits of a vaccine that is designed as a best guess a year in advance of the flu season.

   Natural cures can be more effective, less toxic and less dangerous than the man-made junk vaccines peddled by the health care industry today.  Two natural remedies for the flu are Olive Leaf Extract and the essential Oil of Oregano.  These substances have been scientifically found to kill off many viruses, especially the flu, and to help augment the body’s own natural immune system without any negative side effects.


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