We the People are the De Jure authority: Preamble of the 1820 Maine Constitution

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Government is instituted by and for the benefit of people, this being to secure the unalienable rights inherent in mankind: The right to life and to pursue happiness, to perform actions in liberty and to exist in a state of freedom, and to be secure in their persons, property and papers. People do not exist to serve and benefit a government. When the entity called “the State” declares the unalienable rights of one of the people, being a man, a woman or a child of the race of mankind, to be obsolete, the State itself demonstrates its own obsolescence. If the State does not act to secure the People, the State has no just reason to exist. When the State has no just reason to exist, the employees, contractors and officers of said State have no reason to be acting as such. Anyone with something to lose as a beneficiary of the de facto system can become a dangerous foe. However, the People do not exist to serve corporations or their officers and shareholders. Corporations exist as dead legal entities and have no unalienable rights, only privileges allowed by the grace or the consent of people. Incorporation was popularized as a method to avoid liability for lost cargo and fraudulent or deceptive business practices. We have, for some reason, allowed a corporate takeover of our world. The governments are incorporated, such as the Federal United States and all of its departments, branches, agencies and franchises. Megacorporations are being conglomerated into an umbrella under supercorporations such as Blackrock. Stop allowing this corporate takeover on our local scene. But what can we do? Withdraw from the system and cease compliance. I say the winds of change are blowing.

We the People are the de jure authority on Maine and over The State of Maine corporation. De jure means rightful, or according to law, or by right. The true and genuine Constitution of Maine is one of the best written in the Union. Maine’s people were motivated to split off from Massachusetts after witnessing the innate buffoonery and incompetence of disconnected government. This buffoonery included but was not limited to the events commonly called the “Penobscot expedition/disaster” in 1789 A.D. This military move against the British was expected by everyone to be a success for the Colonists Continental Navy, including by the British themselves. It was not a success, due to the shortcomings of “leadership.” Mainers clamored for separation from Mass for decades. Northern Mainers purportedly felt that traveling to Yarmouth was too far and too much of a hassle, never mind the journey to Mass. And so, what may be called the best constitution in the world was written and ratified by 1820 A.D. We are going to analyze the preamble and a few key sections of Article 1. Let us begin with the preamble:

WE the people of Maine, in order to establish justice, ensure
tranquillity, provide for our mutual defence, promote our
common welfare, and secure to ourselves and our posterity the
blessings of Liberty, acknowledging with grateful hearts the
goodness of the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe in affording
us an opportunity, so favorable to the design; and, imploring
his aid and direction in its accomplishment, do agree to form
ourselves into a free and independent State, by the style and
title of the State of Maine, and do ordain and establish the
following Constitution for the government of the same

We the people of Maine means men and women from Maine. “The people” refers to men and women living in community. Remember, Maine, or the State of Maine, meaning the geographically defined borders of Maine state, is its own nation. Each of the sovereign states of the former union is its own nation making up the umbrella entity of the unincorporated, continental United States of America. The government on Maine was established by Mainers for the interests of Mainers on a local scale, not to be dictated by people from The CommonWealth of Massachusetts, or a Federal district like Washington D.C. Remember, the “STATE OF MAINE” is not the physical state of Maine, it is a franchise corporation of the Federal United States incorporated entity, and is a legal fiction. The STATE OF MAINE and all of its departments, agencies and branches are corporations in the business of providing governmental services, and they operate in a colorable law jurisdiction based around commerce, built on a frame of contract law. Color of = likeness of, akin to, but not. State of = a status, or state, derived from. So both the Sovereign State of Maine and the incorporated STATE OF MAINE are statuses derived or sourced from the actual land commonly called and defined as Maine.

The preamble then goes on to iterate why the Maine people are establishing a common law contract for the creation and constraint of a government: “to establish justice, ensure tranquillity, provide for our mutual defence, promote our common welfare, and secure to ourselves and our posterity the, blessings of Liberty…” Do we see a plethora of justice, tranquility, defense of people, security of our rights, or see the blessing of liberty to be bountiful in posterity? (For future generations) It seems to me that more liberty is curtailed at the drop of a hat for any reason the government proclaims or manufactures. The actors of a government will go as far as you let them. Personally, I feel that if Maine was not swimming in gun ownership, it may have gone darker than it did over “the lost years” of 2020-2022. Do we feel a great deal of tranquility being secured by the STATE OF MAINE? Question: What do government actors do when they take away the people’s guns?…anything they want.

What about “common welfare?” Ah yes, the Marxist “camel’s nose under the tent,” a favorite poorly defined flaw found in multiple Constitutions. The expression “camel’s nose under the tent” is an idiom, here meaning, once the camel has its nose under the tent-flap, the rest of the camel can follow; the camel in this idiom refers to anything that entails unforeseen consequences or moral hazards, like government programs. This unfortunate phrasing of “common welfare” is used and abused above and beyond the zenith of sanity by government actors to excuse every money laundering scheme and pet project they can dream up. The common welfare does not mean the coerced support of a welfare state by way of extortion enforced by threat of State arms, therefore infringing on the rights of some to launder and redistribute to chosen others. The common welfare is endemic to the enterprise of a government’s only viable reason to exist: To secure the unalienable rights of people. Those rights do not include the right to “steal from Peter to pay Paul” by way of threat, duress and coercion.

To anyone who takes the time to read the founding documents of the continental United States of America, The Universal Sovereign was not kept separate from the State. Religion on the other hand, such as an official state religion, (Catholicism, Protestantism, Baptist, Jainism, Taoism, Islam etc.) could be considered a breach of freedom of religion/right to worship The Creator, as the instituted state religion will inevitably expand, grow, and interfere with the political, economic and cultural field. Christianity is not a religion, it is a way of life centered around a restored relationship between the Creator and his sons and daughters. One can also see a religion that is a state in the form of the Roman Catholic Vatican city-state and its associated global corporate syndicate. In this respect, I agree with the materialists (Atheists) that the institute of religion, being an organized hierarchical power structure of dogma, doctrine and tradition should be kept away from the hierarchical power structure of dogma, legislation and tradition/policy that is a government. However, I believe it to be self-evident that the separation and exclusion of the Universal Sovereign and the Natural-Law from government has created a cesspit of destructive evil, and the preamble agrees: “…acknowledging with grateful hearts the goodness of the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe in affording us an opportunity, so favorable to the design; and, imploring his aid and direction in its accomplishment…” This Constitution is brilliant. I actually prefer the way our Constitution phrases what is commonly referred to as “freedom of religion,” as compared to others, like the Federal Constitution of the United States. See also: Article 1 Subsection 3.

“…do agree to form ourselves into a free and independent State, by the style and title of the State of Maine, and do ordain and establish the following Constitution for the government of the same.” To form ourselves into what? A free and independent State. Not a District under Massachusetts, not a STATE in a Federal District, free and independent. To establish the Constitution for…the people? No, a Constitution “for the government of the same,” meaning The State of Maine. The Constitution does not give you rights, it restrains the actors of a government that We may choose from infringing on our inherent rights, and to stop people with a certain mindset from handing more of their inherent power or authority over to a government and its actors, therefore empowering certain malicious (or God forbid well intentioned) people to carry out their own designs on Maine. If THE STATE OF MAINE corporations will not abide by this 1820 Constitution, at this time, they have no claim of standing at all to be operating on our sovereign soil, and the men and women of this corporation are actually impersonating government officers and employees. For what purpose? Ultimately, known or unknown by the general actors of government, revenue collection by way of deceit, fraud, and threat of harm.

One of The Mainer’s Papers is The Maine State Constitution. This Constitution is being updated, for the purpose of clarifying and improving the 1820 Constitution. The Maine State Constitution shall be ratified by an assembly of The People as the new paramount contract for “the government of Maine.” Either this contract or the 1820 will be understood by “the government” or they will prove themselves further as an occupying tyrannical force, operating under color of law and engaging in (un)official oppression by force of arms as an illegitimate faux authority attempting to enslave Mainers.

-Without Prejudice, T. Jas. J AKA: The Mad Mainer


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