Who you gonna call?

by | Jul 14, 2023 | Commentary, Conservative, Exposes, Journalism, Keep Maine Free, Opinion

In Oakland, there is a 9-1-1 crisis currently occurring, according to a report by NBC. Callers may wait 10 minutes or more simply to speak with a dispatcher. Interestingly, an Oakland Police officer was stabbed while off duty by a woman, and had calls for his aid fail to connect as well. The report goes into more details.

So, the question is, who are you going to call when the call won’t go through? If there is a crisis, a blackout, a credit collapse, or some such event, there are not enough Police to “protect you” even if you could call them and protecting people was lawfully required of them. (It’s not) When seconds count, Police are minutes away or never. If things really hit the fan, the Blue-line gang in general will be looking after their own, not you. You need to take your security into thine own hands. Officer Safety is the priority of men and women acting as Officers, not yours. They, in self-evident function and nature, are revenue collection and policy enforcement mercenaries for the Legal-Society.

Oakland’s 911 System continues to deal with tech issues – NBC Bay Area


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  1. Stephen Jarman

    Thy own hands for certain, and next would be wo/men within a stone’s throw away, then further to within shouting distance, then a wider circle until enough are called upon to deter or detain any would-be drifter-of-I’ll-intent or put a charged water hose to good use to save lives and minimize structural damages…who do tell? Start by assembling the most likely and most able wo/men around you, invite them to stop by for pie and a cool beverage, just to get to know each other and make a list, a make-shift inventory of equipment, availability, contact numbers, and who has what skills. This has all the criteria, the purpose and intent, of a Community Support & Response Team, what our founders used to call Militia…yea, that group, who the de facto want us to demonize and be unwilling to organize. Before it’s too late to make a difference for a living wo/man’s own life or that of a family member, assemble now, at minimum, in the coming hours or days, to use our own natural intelligence to form our own Community Support & Response Teams…include anyone who has an amateur radio, or police scanner, in the event calling life flight is in your future.


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