Law Enforcement has no obligation to protect people

by | Jul 9, 2023 | Civil Rights, Education, Exposes, Journalism, Keep Maine Free, Legal, Maine, Opinion

Many people across America are under the indoctrinated impression that Police, Troopers, Sheriff’s and Deputies (Herein simply called “Police” collectively.) are tasked with protecting and serving the Populace. The idea that people may hold in their minds is that the purpose of “the Police” is to prevent crime and stop the bad guys, or at least act as a deterrent. To an extent, this may be true in general, the fact that Law Enforcement exists could act as a deterrent to potential criminal activity by way of fear of a hypothetical consequence. But the fact of the matter is, Law Enforcement Agencies and the men and women who act as Officers provide a thin illusion of security that is actually of danger to the men and women in community. Were Officers given official and valid license to expand their powers in pursuit of crime prevention and investigation, there would be dire consequences as a side effect. This is not about supporting, promoting or detracting from any aspect of the tribal dichotomies commonly called “Defund the Police” and the notion of “Back the Blue.” This is about common sense and self-evident observation. I am capable of nuanced thinking, and I would like to teach more people how to be responsive and considerate as regards to being reactive and factionary.

Understanding could be called a three-edged sword, your side, their side, and the truth. Let’s ask a few questions you may not have considered before: Are the Police Obligated to protect you? The short answer is: Law Enforcement Agents of the United States have no lawful, Constitutional obligation to put themselves in danger to protect individuals: Citizens. The notion of Police protection from violence is a myth, a pretend safety net in your mind that does not exist. In fact, it is dubious as to if Police even need to respond to a call. Key case references include Warren V. District of Columbia and Town of Castle Rock V. Gonzales, but I recommend a browser search on the subject for your own enlightenment regarding this: you are on your own: “When seconds count, Police are minutes away”….maybe, if they even choose to act. Just think of the Uvalde shooting and the inaction and cowardice of those “Officers.” Perhaps if someone had called in a man filming the school from public property the Officers would have sprung into some kind of action (A joke rooted in the Auditing Community, 6 cops may show up for a guy with a phone on a sidewalk.) Officers are not here for you, they are policy enforcement and revenue collection agents employed by for profit corporations. Search your local departments name on Dun and Bradstreet. Officer’s don’t want you to know that they exist merely to extort the Citizens for profit and to secure the interests of corporations and their own Officers, but this is the truth.

Why do Officers not want you, the general people, to know these things? Well, it may be that We the People, being so informed, would seek to restructure this business arrangement. This restructuring may affect their wallets and reduce their privileged status. Policing is a service after all, right? Officers may like the admiration, the hero status their costume and tin-badge gives them in the eyes of the naïve populace. Or, they enjoy the fear of people, and their colorable law jurisdiction that gives them pretend authority to exercise power over others. But reality simply is, and reality cannot be ignored forever.

Why would the Law Enforcement Agencies want to prevent or solve crime, as entities? If government instruments solved problems, they would negate the need for their own existence, funding, expansion and profit from asset forfeiture. It is fun to drive around in a BearCat tank, Officers don’t want to get less funding. “It’s cool to be able to assault people without consequence to myself and terrorize them into complying with my will,” there often was no victim in a situation, until Officer Ego/paranoia showed up and victimized someone. Bad acting Officers may have failed the psyche evaluation but were hired anyway, or were turned from good-apples, or at least neutral, to bad by the culture of their blue-gang. Self-interest motivates Agents of government institutions, the same as most people.

Defund the Police: An emotional and reactionary idea, a loosely collated movement that may be composed of people who have had the Police-Boot crush their neck, there have been horrifying and treasonous abuse of alleged Police powers on the innocent, and, on various kinds of violators or criminals. Or, people who have witnessed Police abuse and Police crime, time after time, and are sick and tired of living under threat of domestic terrorism. Perhaps they have seen their neighbors attacked, injured, abused, kidnapped, and charged falsely…worse, the Officers that violated rights under color of law may have walked away with no consequences, and do it to others later. The stories of absolute terrorism and violent, criminal thuggery by Officers are legion, and freely available to see online, and this is true on White, Black, Hispanic and Asian men, women, and children. For an example, search “Police slams/chokes 14 year old/teen student” and multiple videos will come up of separate incidents. We have a right to be secure, but contracting that security to government service providers has yielded visible fruit: Rotten. If you trade liberty for security you deserve neither and shall have neither.

Police egos, paranoia, and psychopathy due to poor hiring practices have led to thousands of Officers performing vicious crimes, retaliation, assault, kidnapping, false accusations/manufactured causes, and murder, and the gang mentality of the thin-blue line and at times Masonic oaths lead to cover ups and a lack of consequences. Incompetence and ignorance compounds the direct corruption, such as laying siege to a family-home because tea leaves were mistaken for weed in the bin, or getting an address wrong and breaking into an innocent household. The excuse of a few bad apples spoils the bunch is inadequate to the reality, when one takes the time to watch and analyze hundreds (in my case thousands) of hours of body-camera footage, court footage, investigations, and auditor footage. The Law Enforcement System is absolutely broken. In function, they are a militarized force, an occupying army extorting the people under color of law and through force of arms. To me, demilitarizing the Police is a better slogan and place to start. There must be a complete restructure of training priorities, and longer training. Did you know Police get 600-800 hours of training? A Barber or Hairdresser gets 1400-1600 hours. Almost all of an Officers training is dedicated to “defensive tactics” (war) and feeding paranoia in an us versus them mentality…and they are ironically called “Peace Officers.” Did you know the Supreme Court of the U.S. has ruled that Police are not necessarily required to know the law? That is correct, Law Enforcement Officers are apparently not required to know the law…”here is your arsenal, militarized vehicle and armor, go enforce what you don’t know, go extort the Citizens with the gear they funded. Don’t you worry about committing crimes, we got your back. Happy terrorizing!”

YouTube Channels that may be of interest: HonoryourOath Civil Rights investigations, Long Island Audits, Audit the Audit, We the People University, Here’s the Deal, and the Civil Rights Lawyer.

Back the Blue: The reaction to the idea of Defund the Police, to support the gang/tribe at all costs, arm them more, give them more toys at the People’s expense to let them oppress people even more. If “the other side” says A, well then we need to support “B.” These people are either direct beneficiaries of the system they are proclaiming to support, or have false notions in their heads, bad data, leading them to their conclusion. This led to the expression “Back the Blue until ‘it’ happens to you,” the “it” being a boot on your neck, a gun in your face, or pain-compliance and pepper-spray torture for the “crime” of public filming. The Blue-Line supporters may have family who are in Law Enforcement, perhaps generations of such, and of course we all want to believe the best of Dear Dad or Granddad. Everyone wants to be the hero of their own story: “…Are we the baddies?” Of course, the false idea behind the reality of Policing as it stands could be considered a legitimate operation of government, by the will of the people: Crime prevention and protection, the securing of people’s rights. Because of the unfortunate reality that Bad Actors exist, We need to protect ourselves, property and rights. See: Article 1 Section 16 of the 1820 Maine Constitution: “To keep and bear arms.  Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.” An armed populace that is free to enforce true law is the biggest and most effective deterrent to criminal activity or even military invasion, see Finland and Switzerland during WWII.

There may be a place for some instrument of law enforcement above the unalienable right of the People to enforce law and protect themselves, but it must be a servant and not a master, and bow to its authority: The People. It’s certainly not this illegitimate collective of LEA organizations that are choosing to act as unlawful assemblies of general incompetence, corruption and violence that routinely makes The People insecure in their rights.

-Without Prejudice, T. Jas. J, AKA: The Mad Mainer


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