Opinion: Overcoming the Divisiveness of Incompatible Political Party Platforms

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Letters to the editor, Opinion

What can be done to overcome the divisiveness of incompatible political party platforms and posturing? The answer lies is growing public awareness that one or the other is not working to the benefit of most Americans. Our exemplary 247-year tradition as a civilized Constitutional democracy has depended on waving a tricolor national flag, not just blue or red. Unity of purpose has descended into unhealthy and destructive moral, spiritual, economic and political incivility.

The answer lies in growing awareness of the need for course correction increasingly reflected in multiple polling. A laundry list of unaddressed and unresolved problems starkly contrasts with few remarkable administrative achievements. Governance based on casting blame and seeking revenge is antithetical to our long history. Instead of adopting clear, realistic, forward-looking policies worthy of world leadership, we have become reactive to hostile initiatives taken by others opposed to democratic precepts. Obsession with party dominance has overcome the fundamental notion of government of, by and for the people.

We are reaching a stage at which revulsion at the current state of muddled affairs will lead to modern-day revolution – against crime, fraud, corruption, taxation, injustice, poverty, addiction, indoctrination, censorship, infiltration, and even treason. At some point, we will learn whether the solution can be achieved at the national ballot box or by some form of secession.

There is ideological room for third-party participation, but insufficient financial backing to have hope of success. Capitalism is all about the money, and too many of our politicians have found the lack of term limits to be as inordinately rewarding as the corporate executive-suite lifestyle. Millions of eligible voters hold the decisive cards.

By Phil Osifer


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