Question of the Week 37

by | May 25, 2023 | Journalism, Question of the Day, Question Of the Week

Last Week’s Question:

Three years ago, when Maine was gripped by COVID hysteria, Gov. Mill issued her infamous mask mandate. During the week preceding her mask order, the Maine CDC reported 166 cases of COVID in Maine. Now politicians and media have declared that “the epidemic is over”. According to the Maine CDC, about how many Mainers per week are still testing positive for COVID?

  1. None, there is no more COVID. It is OVER!
  2. Only one or two per day so about 15 per week
  3. About the same as three years ago, about 160 per week
  4. About 250 per week
  5. About twice as many as when Gov Mills issued her mask order, over 300 per week
  6. Almost 400 per week

Yup, the answer is “6”. COVID has not gone away. The politicians and the doom sayers in the media and at the CDC are now treating COVID like the flu, which it always was and will always be. But the collateral damage from their gross mismanagement of COVID will haunt our souls, our children and our economy for many years to come.

This week’s question: I do believe there will come a day when grid scale batteries can be used to store the intermittent electricity solar and wind generators produce. Storing the intermittent electricity is a win-win because the electricity becomes dispatchable and can be fed into the grid when needed most. But that day is well into the future. Today, the TESLA Powerwall is considered state-of-the-art technology. How much energy can one, 250 pound, Powerwall battery store?

  1. About the same number of BTUs as in a Die Hard car battery
  2. About the same number of BTUs as is in 50 gallons of home heating oil
  3. About the same number of BTUs as in a full BBQ size LP gas tank (a full 20-pound tank contains about 4 gallons)
  4. About the same number of BTUs as in 10 gallons of 87 octane gasoline
  5. About the same number of BTUs as in an almost empty BBQ size LP tank.


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