What Will You Choose?

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Journalism, Liberty Tree Maine

By Stephen Huls

It easy for those on the outside looking in to see the best choice. They offer the key. It is sad when a society and government train the people from their birth to adulthood to accept the scraps, handouts, for the illusion of safety with an illusion of choice and an illusion of liberty. They offer the key knowing that most will take the free handouts. Thus, true slavery of the minds and souls of humans takes place. Today in North America this is obvious for those who are awake. Yet many people choose the illusions offered by government, media, and propagandized education systems that keep them in bondage with their promise of illusions. In reality, they are but slaves to the government and the elites in power. When the key to truth, freedom, and liberty is offered, many do not even recognize it. They scoff, attack, belittle, ignore, and blame the key holder for their problems instead of their masters. So are the sheeple of today’s world. Many prefer the ease of slavery, they pay their Marxist designed taxes that feed their masters, and are taught to be happy with the crumbs left over. Like a pet bird, grown from the wild egg, it knows only its cage, its daily provided food, and a warm, easy place to live. It forgets that it was meant to fly free. Even when the cage door is left open, it no longer has the desire or knowledge to fly out of the home to freedom and liberty. Work and effort is required. Instead it prefers the chains of bondage under the illusion of the master’s handouts and promises. In reality they are in a cage for life. We all must choose this day to take the hard path of liberty or to remain in slumber, in bondage to national and state governments, now controlled by Marxist radicals, who have erased your bill of rights and deleted your God-given liberties. Daily the US Constitution is eroded. Canada as well has fallen to a China-controlled leadership. Those who stand and try to warn the sleeping sheep are usually attacked by those they seek to keep them in bondage. History repeats. You need to choose the bread of continued slavery or the key of liberty. What will you choose?


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