When Will This Be a Headline in the BDN?

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Journalism, Liberty Tree Maine

By Randall Poulton

According to the CDC data, COVID shots have sickened and killed multiple Mainers. How many? That is where the story gets murky. The CDC has received reports of adverse reactions from over 4,400 Mainers. The reports include 217 hospitalizations and 45 deaths. (Yes, you read that right: 45 deaths in Maine.)

Are the COVID shots the cause of the reported illnesses and deaths? Or are some of the reported adverse events just a coincidence? Does the data represent the full picture or are there more deaths and illnesses that have not been reported? My guess is there are more.

Anytime a person injects, or allows someone else to inject, a substance into their body, there is a chance bad things will happen. That is the reason the medical profession operates on the standard of “informed consent”. You, not the doctor, decide what is right for you. No one should EVER be forced to take an injection. When the government started forcing Mainers to get “vaccinated” or lose their jobs, the standard of informed consent was out the window. And now, bad things are happening.

None of this is a surprise to me. Dozens of prominent doctors have warned that the COVID “vaccine” is risky and its benefits are transitory. Death is permanent. What now? Will Dr. Shah hold a press conference? The silence is deafening.


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