Question of the Week 21

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Journalism, Question of the Day, Question Of the Week

Last Week’s Question: December is Maine’s darkest month. In December, in Bangor, on how many days does the sun set before 4PM?The answer is “D”. Every year, starting around Thanksgiving, the sunset time in most of Maine is before four o’clock! It stays this early until after Christmas.  

A. Just one day, on December 21st

B. Every day, so 31 days.

C. Five days

D. 26 days

E. The sun never sets before 4 PM

This week’s question: During the Spring of 2020, Maine was in the midst of COVID hysteria. Schools, churches, libraries, restaurants, dentist offices, and small businesses were ordered closed. Parks, beaches, playgrounds and golf courses were closed. Mainers were ordered to isolate in their homes. When Gov. Mills finally allowed golf courses to reopen, she imposed special rules. Which of these golf rules did I make-up?

A. Only one person allowed in a golf cart.

B. All ball washers must be removed from the course.

C. On the greens, cups must be filled to within one inch of the top of the hole. 

D. Golfers must remain in their vehicles until 10 minutes before tee time.

E. All trash cans must be removed from the course. 

F. Golfers are only allowed to play golf within the county they live. 

G. None are made up. This is the way golf was played during 2020.

H. All are made-up. No one could be so silly as to think playing golf outside was a bad thing to do.

Randall Poulton


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