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by | Oct 11, 2022 | Journalism, Question of the Day, Question Of the Week

The answer to last week’s question is “D”. That answer is based on what has happened to electric bills in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The Maine media has focused on the recent rate increases requested by CMP and Versant for Transmission and Distribution (aka T & D or “Delivery”). But the T & D increases will not take effect until next summer, and will be modest compared to the huge increase that will likely hit the supply side of your bill on January 1st. Over 50% of the electricity flowing on the New England grid is generated by burning natural gas (NG) and the price of NG has risen sharply. Two things are driving-up the price of NG:

1) The Biden administration’s policies are anti-fracking which has slowed US NG production, and

2) Biden’s proxy war with Russia has resulted in sky-high NG prices in Europe. As a result, American companies, chasing big profits, are now exporting liquified NG to Europe, exacerbating the NG shortage here in America. Double whammy.

In New Hampshire and Massachusetts, the new rates for supply of electricity have been stunning – increasing bills about 50%. There is no reason to believe that, when the PUC receives 2023 Standard Offer bids this week (on October 11th), the Maine results will be any different. Based on what happened in NH and Mass, I think Mainers will be seeing a 50% increase in their electric bills come January. I hope I am wrong.

If your electric bill is $100 per month now, what will your bill be in January of 2023?

A. About the same (because of the PUC’s standard offer)

B. About $80 (because of the additional electricity being generated by solar and wind)

C. About $120 (because of inflation)

D. About $150 (because of Joe Biden’s policies)

E. About $200 (because of hurricane Ian)

This week’s Question:According to the CDC, during 2020, 334 Mainers died “with COVID”. During 2020, our state was locked down: Businesses, schools, churches and parks were closed. According to the CDC, During 2021, 1,185 Mainers died “with COVID”. During 2021, vaccines became mandatory. People who refused the jab were fired. People who spoke out against the vaccine were labeled anti vaxxers and “deplatformed”. Anti-Vaxxers (including some doctors) lost their friends, licenses, businesses, and careers. As the election approaches, reports about COVID have mostly disappeared from the media. Dr. Shah’s last “weekly” news conference was back in February. Why? The Democrats completely control Augusta (the senate, the house and the Blaine House), and any bad news about COVID would reflect badly on those in charge. Accordingly, the lapdog main stream media (MSM) is suddenly giving COVID a good leaving alone. If the MSM were nonpartisan and consistent, number of COVID cases would lead the news and the headline the papers, along with increasingly hysterical reports about the number of COVID deaths. With that comment as a hint: Based on the numbers from the Maine CDC, how many Mainers will die of COVID this year?A. Very few, vaccinations have proven effective against serious disease and death.

B. About the same number as 2020 (~350 people will die)

C. About the same number as 2021 (~1,200 people will die)

D. Less than 1,000 people but still concerning.

E. Considerably more than 2021 (~1,400 people will die)Randall Poulton


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