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by | Oct 3, 2022 | Question Of the Week, Journalism, Question of the Day

By Randall Poulton

It been a while, so, to recap, here was my last question: President Biden has finally decided to “Build the Wall”, or, at least, finish certain parts of it. The numbers of people illegally crossing our Southern border is hard to comprehend. According to the US Census Bureau, how many “immigrates” enter the USA each day?





The answer, is “C”. According to the Census Bureau’s “World Clock” (it’s a cool page, Google it) one international immigrant enters the USA every 130 seconds.

Here is my new question:

Last week, the Senate passed another HUGE spending bill that will, among other things, double the number of employees at the IRS. Which party holds the majority in the Senate?

A. Republicans

B. Democrats

C. Neither, the Senate is split with 50 Rs and 50 Ds.

D. I thought only the House of Representatives could spend money.

Answer C, the Senate is split 50/50, all Republicans voted against the bill, all Democrats voted for it, and Vice President Kamala Harris, as president of the Senate, casting the tie-breaking vote.

-Randall Poulton


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