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by | May 8, 2022 | Economics, Elections, Inflation, Journalism

A March 21 article from the Pew Research Center titled, Public Trust in Government 1958 – 2021 Near Historic Lows stated only 2% trusted the government to do what was right “just about always” and 22% trusted the government to do what was right “most of the time”. 

TruthOrConsequence The Trust In Government

That gives a grade of less than 24%, a failure by almost any measure. A Gallup poll on October 7, 2021, titled “Americans’ Trust in Media Dips to Second Lowest on Record” stated just 7% of those polled have a great deal of trust in the media, 29% have a fair amount of trust, and 34% have no trust at all. Confirmation bias may have a role in those numbers but in 1998 the trust numbers for Republicans, Independents, and Democrats were 52%,52%, and 59% respectively. Furthermore, a November USA Today/Suffolk University poll found that 66% of Americans think this country is on the wrong track and a new headline in CNN Business states “Key inflation measure hits new record high – yet again”.

To sum up the previous paragraph; trust in government and trust in the media are at an almost historic low. Most Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction, and we have significant inflation. The backdrop to lack of trust and confidence is our ongoing response to COVID, our current record debt level, the upcoming renewal of our debt ceiling and the possible passage of a “Build Back Better” bill.  According to The Washington Times stripping away some of the rosy scenarios for Build Back Better would result in a 4.26 trillion dollar increase in spending, a 25% increase in federal debt, and a decrease of 2.8 % in GDP.

What can we do as we watch a government which we do not trust fail in their basic role of protecting the Constitutional Rights of all citizens and who are also failing to maintain America’s economic strength and the value of our currency? Are we to depend on a press we also do not trust for information and guidance? I would suggest becoming engaged. Become proactive, take the time to learn the truth. Do not be dissuaded or silenced by the 7% of media believers pushing their agenda. The truth is out there often hidden in plain sight in government statistics and official documents. It just takes some work. Decide whether you believe in a party that wants a stronger, more powerful, and centralized government to “Build Back Better” in their vision of top-down control or if you prefer a party that puts more trust and faith in the wisdom and good will of its citizens. A party that also backs up that trust and faith with a respect for states’ rights, a faith in our Constitutional Republic, and respect for all of the Bill of Rights. Do your research, share the truth, make your case, be a light in the darkness, and then vote. Your country needs you.

Joe Grant, Wiscasset


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