The enemy of the People

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Commentary, Maine

A November 9, 2020 Gallup poll titled, Trust, Media and Democracy, identified that while 81% of Americans believe media is vital for democracy, 46% do not believe our media can be trusted. In that poll 3 of 4 people also believe the media is pushing an agenda.

This year, Rasmussen also polled Americans’ opinion of our media. In March, a majority of all racial categories; 57% of whites, 54% of black voters and 56% of other minorities, think the problem of bias in the news media is getting worse. In May, another poll found 65% of Republicans, 35% of Democrats and 57% of unaffiliated voters don’t trust political news and 77% of Republicans, 44% of Democrats and 56% of unaffiliated voters at least somewhat agree that the media are, “truly the enemy of the people.”

In short, the problem was bad and is getting worse. Although a vast majority believe an honest and unbiased media is vital, a majority also believe the media is failing us. It is a troubling condemnation of our “fifth estate”.

Recently, testimony to Congress stated our government is controlling and manipulating the media by using third parties to intervene, thereby skirting “Freedom of the Press.” Even foreign governments (Ukraine, China, and Russia) are successfully petitioning our compliant Justice and Executive branches to intervene through the same third parties. This is an unprecedented peacetime infringement on our First Amendment rights. With the involvement of unfriendly foreign countries, some might call it treason. The Executive Branch is continuing to propose new initiatives to expand their role as “controller of the truth.” The recently announced purchase of a major block of Maine papers by a liberal group, with links to George Soros, is unlikely to result in fair and balanced news in Maine.

Most believe a fair and honest press is needed for our country to survive. How and why can the press, Congress, the Justice Department, and the Executive Branch perpetrate this fraud on America? This fraud is a bipartisan effort. Although it mostly benefits Democrats, it also supports Big Government with more money and power in Washington. Many in Washington, including some Republicans, like it that way. Power and control are taken from “The People” and moved to Washington. This power grab will continue until voters hold them accountable.

Until recently, Democrats controlled power in Washington and Augusta. Presently, we have what the ruling party wants us to have. Are you happy with the results; inflation, electrical rates, crime, drugs, medical mandates, open borders, falling test scores in our schools, partial birth abortion, the state assuming power over our children, and corruption in our Justice Department? If you dislike what is happening then; bypass the “Lamestream Media,” take the time to learn the truth, and do some selective culling. Nothing changes until “We the People” put brave, patriotic, and freedom loving people into office. We choose what we want, or others will choose it for us. Now is the time to act.


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